The Benefits of Using Shelf Strips

shelf strip printing belfast
shelf strip printing belfast

Placed on shelf edges in retail environments, shelf strips are thin strips of banner material used to present sales information, to increase brand presence, or to guide customers visually with their messaging. Shelf strips have many advantages.

As all retailers will know, space is at a premium when it comes to in-store advertising and the slim sizing of this advertising format ensures maximum effectiveness with a minimum amount of space required. 

Increase Sales

First and foremost, shelf strips are great for increasing sales. When it comes to retail and point of sale, providing visual aids can make all the difference. As a retailer, you have very little space to work with, so shelf strips are ideal for getting your message across while working within a limited area.

Large advertising boards suspended from the ceiling or used adjacent to promotional items are great in their own right. However, there is only so much of this that you can place in your store before it becomes a hindrance or an eye-sore to your customers. 

Supplementary shelf strips are a great way to accompany larger advertising materials or as standalone advertising, as they offer all of the same advertising power while taking up a lot less space. Placed just beneath the products that you have on sale, shelf strips occupy a prime position as they get in front of the eyes of your customers at the all-important decision-making stage. 

Give additional value to your customers

As well as being a great sales tool, shelf strips are also a really good way to tell your customers something important. If a section of your store offers gluten-free goods, for instance, you can make it clear to your customers and guide them to this area of your store.

This additional added value can help to increase sales, as your customers will be made aware of the goods that are relevant to them, and it will also increase customer satisfaction overall. Your customers want you to not only save money, but also to save their time. Any aid such as this can only help to increase customer satisfaction and get them coming back again and again. 

Increase brand awareness

Shelf strips are an ideal way to draw attention to the products that you have to offer. If you sell a particular famous brand, your customers will be immediately drawn to the familiarity of the brand by the design on your shelf strips. While product packaging, of course, has a huge role to play in brand presence, shelf strips can really help you go the extra mile in drawing the attention of your audience. 

Decrease advertising costs

As well as being highly effective in driving sales, shelf strips are also extremely cost-effective when compared to other forms of advertising. While they might appear to be a fairly humble form of advertising, shelf strips pack a real punch, and, as they are relatively cheap to manufacture and produce, they are also relatively inexpensive to buy – so it’s a win-win! You get a highly effective, albeit an often underestimated form of advertising, at a snip of the cost of most forms of advertising available. 

Kaizen Print

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