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You may not realise it, but sticker and label printing is everywhere.  Every day, no matter where or even if, you go out, you will come across some form of sticker and label printing.  Almost everything not natural comes with a sticker or label.  In a digital era, why has sticker and label printing persevered?  Stickers and labels do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of marketing.  However, there are good reasons they have ensured as an effective way to get your brand noticed and your product personalised.

Reasons to Stick to Sticker and Label Printing

While we may be consumed digitally, sticker and label printing remains a viable force for brand marketing and product awareness.  Let’s look at some reasons sticker and label printing is good for your business.


Labels are inherently informative.  Their sole purpose is to provide information.  They indicate all the necessary information for a consumer to make an informed decision about a possible transaction.  In addition, stickers can contain necessary information.  Call out a special pricing or something exclusive with a striking sticker.


Stickers and labels come in any size or shape.  In addition, they can contain as much, or as little information you choose.  Labels are most found affixed to products to personalise them.  However, stickers can be placed virtually anywhere they will stick to.  Therefore, they have great potential ton increase your brand awareness.  In other words, their versatility makes them essential to marketing campaigns.


Stickers and labels are durable.  Look around at some of the stickers you see and ask yourself how long they have been there.  Those outside have endured every bit of weather thrown and them and still survive!  In addition, some labels seem impossible to pry from their homes.  They are built to keep the message alive for the long run.


Stickers and labels are very lightweight.  Their size ensures you can easily transport them to whatever location you need.  Stickers are much like business cards, without all the formal contact information.  You don’t hand a sticker to a consumer, although you could.  Simply apply to wherever suits that will get you massive exposure.  In addition, accommodate any sticker copy to the locations specific for them to be really special with the potential to become a collector’s item.

Sticker and Label Printing Offers You Freedom

Sticker and label printing is free from any constraints.  Most marketing materials are limited to a template.  Therefore, go wild with your imagination.  Think outside of the box and have fun.  Don’t let the opportunity to catch the eye pass you by.  Splash some colour on your design!  Include a catchy phrase or slogan.  In other words, be unique with your design.  However, stay true to your brand to avoid misrepresenting it.


For the visibility, portability and durability, there’s no comparison to the cost-effectiveness of including sticker and label printing in your marketing campaign.  Relatively cheap to produce, stickers and labels are invaluable to your strategy.

Sticker and Label Printing - Kaizen Print

Sticker and Label Printing at Kaizen Print

Sticker and label printing can be one of the most effective ways for a business to personalise their products and market their brands.  Whether you are in Belfast, Omagh, Enniskillen or anywhere throughout Northern Ireland, Kaizen Print offer you a range of sticker and label printing options to suit your needs.

Plotted Stickers

Plotted stickers are often one-off stickers called decals.  They can be made into virtually any shape or size you wish.  In addition, they are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Plotted stickers are printed on Gloss or Matt vinyl, clear or opaque.  Plotted vinyl is one of our most purchased products due to the low cost and minimum order quantities.  We use only the highest grade inks and vinyl.  Therefore, these stickers will last you well in excess of a year out in the wilderness.

Shaped Labels on Sheets

Our shaped labels are perfect for uses in any type of business.  They are perfect for packaging and provide enough space to show off your brand.  The four shapes offered are Circular, Rectangular, Oval and Square.  These labels are fast and easy to print.  In addition, their low cost will suit any budget.

Indoor Sticker Printing

Our Indoor sticker printing is done on matt crack back sticker paper.  We print these stickers from A6 up to A3 size onto 80gsm Gloss or Matt sheets.  In addition, we can trim these stickers to the size of your choosing.  They are perfect for cardboard boxes, delivery stickers or packaging.

We Can Help With Your Sticker and Label Printing

Here at Kaizen Print, your sticker and label printing options are endless.  This is what makes them such an enduring and effective marketing method.  No matter how bespoke the design idea, the team at Kaizen Print aim to provide you with a solution.  In other words, we offer you the perfect opportunity to take your marketing to the next level.

Therefore, stand out from the competition.  Get in touch with the Kaizen Print team today!  To discuss your sticker and label printing, contact us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.