Let’s talk Letterhead Design!

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Let’s talk letterhead design! If your business involves invoicing or formal letters then a well designed letterhead is essential. This can make the design process seem a little scary. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered all our top letterhead tips to show you the best practice for your design!

letterheads | kaizen print

Design your Letterhead layout

Start with a plan, you want a header or footer or both? Where should your logo sit and will it best stand out on colour or a white background? What information do your clients need other than contact info to help them meet the purpose of the letter. Are you providing contact info you your accounts team, your direct details, or something more general. Visual hierarchy is a term used in graphic design to describe the arrangement of different design elements in order of importance. This is key for creating a letterhead that shows the right information effectively.

Best practice suggest that the business’s logo should go at the top, followed by blank white space for the actual letter content and contact details normally go at the bottom of the page.

Prioritise Letterhead Quality

To create a professional standard letterhead – have them printed professionally. Sure you can print as you go on your office printer, but chances are your printer will lower the quality, run inconsistently and blow through ink faster than you can imagine. Save yourself the time and the bother and leave it to the professionals. That way you can have a stack by your printer and simply overprint the letter content or invoice details quickly and efficiently as needed.

When it comes to picking design and colour, you have a couple of options:

  • Go monochrome – I know, we said you don’t have to use black and white. But it can still look really effective!
  • Use your brand colours – you already know your brand colours look great together, and it’ll help reinforce your brand in your clients’ minds.
  • Pick an accent colour – you don’t have to use all your brand colours. Pick one that contrasts well with black and white to add subtle flicks of colour to your letterhead design.
  • Choose typography that suits your brand.
  • Finally a simple and smart design says sophistication and will help you achieve your end goal.

Remember the team at Kaizen are here to help guide you to a beautiful quality design.


Include Essential information on your Letterhead 

Depending on the type of business and communication, you are required by law to provide your customers with essential information. By having this pre-printed on your letterhead design, you can consider this task taken care of.

Here’s what must be included on every letterhead according to The Companies Act:

  • Your business’s name
  • UK Registration address of your business
  • Your registered company number
  • The address of your registered office
  • Social media handles and or website as relevant

Ensure your Letterhead Design is Brand consistent

You should always match your letterhead design to the rest of your branding materials.

Not only is it best practice, it ensures your materials deliver a consistent look, build brand awareness and credibility. This approach should apply across all your business stationary including business cards and compliment slips.