Self Build Show 2018 – Belfast

The Self Build Show takes place this weekend in the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast. For over a month now our design studio and production hub have been working with clients all across the country, creating sales, marketing and exhibition printing to ensure our clients make the most from their event. We’re writing this on the day the event starts and our team are putting the final touches on many of the last minute orders to have them ready before the doors open.

For many of our customers the staple marketing and exhibition marketing materials such as: roller banner, exhibition stands, leaflets, posters, business cards and brochures are top of their buying lists. For others though selfie frames and notepads are how they plan to differentiate themselves amongst all the competition.

Those businesses who will get the most from an exhibition like this plan in advance what they are hoping to achieve. From that planning a strategic goal can be understood and from the strategic goal the type of marketing and sales materials required to achieve it can be identified. In order of importance (in our opinion), here are the top purchases for marketers attending trade shows.

Roller Banners or Exhibition Stands

When at a trade show we need to make a big impression. Nothing captures attention more easily than a huge display showcasing your products and services. If space and budgets permit, we wholeheartedly recommend purchasing a Media Wall Exhibition Stand. However if space is an issue, our roller banners are the perfect option and the most popular of our exhibition products.

Leaflet Printing

With all the best intentions in the world you try and speak to every customer who has an enquiry. But trade shows and exhibitions are busy and there are only so many people you can give a full conversation to. With this in mind it’s prudent to give people a take home leaflet so those who you speak to have a reference and those who don’t get a conversation call call you after making an informed decision on your products and services.

Enquiry Forms

For a sales person, trying to close at an exhibition is almost impossible. Especially when there is a queue of people waiting to speak to you or your team. The best option is to take details and follow up after the event. A well designed and thought out enquiry form will make the job of your sales team so much easier.

When does the Self Build Show take place?

The Self Build Show, Belfast takes place from 16th February 2018 – 18th February 2018. The doors open at 10am each day and the event closes at 6pm each evening.

Billed as the ultimate showcase for people who are building, extending, improving or simply decorating their home, we can certainly attest that with the sheer number of exhibitors we’re working for, the quality of the exhibitors is second to none.

Visitors to the Self Build Show are presented an abundance of ideas, inspiration and advice via 1-2-1 Clinics, Theatre talks and hundreds of Irish based exhibitors.

  • 250+ Irish Based Exhibitors
  • 2 Theatres
  • 7 one-2-one Clinics
  • 40+ Speakers

What’s really exciting is that on the Self Build Show facebook page, the event are giving away free tickets for this years event. To get your tickets simply pop on over to facebook and follow the instructions there.

And if you’re an exhibitor looking extremely last minute printing for the event, we’d be delighted to help. Call us on 028 9002 2474 and speak to our customer service team.