Roller Banner – Entice an Audience

Looking to stand out at an exhibition or trade show?  Trying to entice potential customers from the street to your business?  A roller banner is the perfect, cost-effective marketing vehicle to get your brand noticed.  In a crowded room, a well-designed roller banner will make all the difference in a successful show.  However, what is the roller banner and why should your brand make the most of this marketing marvel?

Roller banners have many different names.  Roll-up banners, pull-up banners, retractable banner stands and banner displays are all names commonly used.

Roller banner from Kaizen Print
Roller banner from Kaizen Print

Why Use a Roller Banner?

No matter what you call them, a roller banner is an important marketing product for your brand.  There are many benefits that can benefit your business.

Stand Out in a Limited Spade

Trade shows and exhibitions can be overwhelming places.  There are countless counters all vying for the attention of the audience.  However, you can draw that attention of potential customers with a bespoke roller banner design.  The attention span of the audience is limited.  Due to their large size, roller banners can quickly grab attention.  In addition, the audience is looking for their eye to be caught.  A well designed banner will draw potential customers to you.  Getting your foot in that door is the first step to doing business.

In addition, roller banners are ideal in vast places, like out on the street in front of your business to advertise a special event or an opening.

Gives Brand Insight

The roller banner can be the first insight into your brand.  Whether you are just starting out or are a veteran in the business, don’t assume every attendee knows your business.  Their purpose is to give insight and inform customers on what you do.  Be clear and ensure the customer isn’t confused.

Lightweight & Portable

Roller banners are an efficient piece of marketing.  They are lightweight and portable.  Roller banners can easily be transported from one location to another.  They can quickly be put up and taken down.  However, you must ensure you are transporting them in their proper vehicle.  Given the right care, your banner will be portable for as long as you require.

Easy to use

Roller banners are easy to use.  In addition, they are sturdy and durable.  A roller banner takes no time to set up and does not require any power supplies, heavy lifting or any installation that’s too involved.  The materials used offer high tear resistance and don’t easily damage.  Simply roll your banner out and let it do its work.

Nightclub Roller Banner from Kaizen Print

Roller Banners at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print offers a wide range of roller banner products to suit every requirement.  In addition, they will suit your budget.  Buy quality roller banners to meet your specific needs, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Roll-Up Banners

Our roll-up banners are printed using state of the art digital printers on a heavyweight 300 micron banner PVC material.  They are specifically designed to stay flat when fitted to the banner mechanism.  In addition, we utilise high quality fade resistant inks to ensure the banner’s vibrancy.  Each premium roll-up banner is 850m wide x 2000mm tall and supplied with a padded carrier case and outer box.

In addition, you can save 30% on a roll-up banner replacement graphic.  Use your existing mechanism and update with your new graphic.

1500mm Wide Roll-Up Banner

If you need to make a huge impact, we offer you the 1500m Wide Roll-Up banner.  These are printed on the same 300 micron Greyback Textured roll-up banner film.  The wide roll-up banners are supplied with a resolution graphic and an extremely high quality banner mechanism.  They are also supplied with dual poles to ensure their stability right across the width of the banner.

Tips for Design

The bleed required for roller banner printing id different from normal printing.  Therefore, when designing your roller banner, keep this design tip in mind.  At Kaizen Print we require 3mm bleed at the top, left and right sides.  However, at the bottom a large proportion of the graphic needs to be within the banner system itself.  Therefore, allow for 100mm bleed at the bottom of your roller banner design.

In addition, to maximise impact, ensure any critical text or imagery is a minimum 50mm from the top, left and right sides.  We recommend a 100mm safe zone at the bottom to ensure your content is visible.

Roller Banner – Engage & Entice Your Customers

Roller banners are a great option to promote your events, services or product.  Regardless of what you call them, they are highly appealing and give customers a brief insight into your brand.  If you want your brand to make a big impression without using up your entire marketing budget, the roller banner is a brilliant choice.  Roller banner printing will help you maximise your event, product or service marketing.  A well designed roller banner can engage and entice potential customers.  They build great visibility from a distance.  Therefore, ensure you go with a design to lure from a distance.

Kaizen Print provides top quality roller banner design and printing options in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  We help businesses promote their products in an extremely effective manner.  In addition, our roller banners won’t bust your budget.  We offer a variety of shipping options for our roller banners.  In addition, you can also collect your banners from our office.

If you are unsure of what type of banner is best for your needs, get in touch with our team who are happy to help.  You can contact us via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.