Floor Stickers – Good for Business Today

We are almost two years into a global pandemic that has upended everyone’s lives.  We are living with things now we never noticed before 2020.  Did you notice a floor sticker before the pandemic took hold?

The floor sticker has been a symbol of this change.  Virtually every public place you go you will notice a floor sticker.  They have been keeping us safely apart from each other.  In addition, they have shown us the way in, out or around any public premises.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers from Kaizen Print

Floor Stickers – The New Normal

It took a global pandemic for stickers to make their mark.  Social distancing is the new normal.  For social creatures, we don’t know what the safe distance apart should be.  However, to keep everyone safe we need to do our best to keep that safe distance apart and floor stickers help.

In addition, we have had to adapt to a new normal with entering and exiting a premises.  We now must follow a particular flow to ensure distancing is adhered to.  It all sounds too much for someone to handle going out.  Thanks to floor stickers, the direction we must travel or the required distance apart is clearly spelled out.

As businesses reopen across the country, the pandemic continues to be rapidly changing.  Therefore, the utilisation of floor stickers has become necessary.

Business Needs Floor Stickers

Businesses across Northern Ireland and the whole world are facing challenges staying open.  Adhering to government guidelines and keeping your customers safe is challenging.  However, floor stickers can be used extensively.  Banks, pharmacies, airports, retail shops, takeaways and health centres are only a few examples.  Anywhere the public gathers is a prime candidate for this floor vinyl these days.

Floor stickers are not limited to talking about social distancing.  In addition, directional floor stickers can be useful marketing tools.  They can lead potential customers to your business or alert them to a special event.  However, you can also provide guidance on the flow of customers through your premises to ensure safe social distancing.

Floor Sticker from Kaizen Print

Floor Stickers at Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print, we have created a range of effective Social Distending Floor Stickers.  In addition, they are quite eye-catching.  All our floor stickers are printed on R10 rated vinyl.  They are ideal for a wide variety of indoor floor applications.

We have a pre-designed template available if you choose.  However, we also accept orders featuring your own design.  In addition, we are here to help with a quote if you require a bespoke design.

Your social distancing or directional message will be clear with our easy to apply floor graphics.  Our floor vinyl is extremely high quality.  Our stickers provide an easy way for your customers to identify any instructions.  We have specifically chosen an easy to apply vinyl.  This vinyl ensures the ability for graphics to fit your floor without the need for specialist filters.

Social distancing floor stickers at Kaizen Print are sold in a pack of 9.  They are at prices you won’t want to socially distance form.  With a number of options for our floor stickers, we have no doubt one of our floor vinyl sets will be well-suited.

Our floor stickers have been pre-made in both shape and design with a variety of size options, including 250mm circle, 300mm circle, 650mm x 120mm rectangle and 1300mm x 120mm rectangle.

In addition, we can accommodate your business if you would like a more bespoke option.  We are happy to assist if you would like to enquire about your bespoke design.  There are no limits to size and design, so please contact our customer service team.

Why Get Floor Stickers from Kaizen Print?

Our floor stickers are cost-effective for your business.  In addition, they are easy to install and maintain.  Our easy to apply vinyl was specifically chosen with application ease in mind.  Therefore, they can be applied in a quick and efficient manner.  Our vinyl is a durable, long-lasting material that can be applied to almost any floor surface.

If you have a more limited space and still require adhering to social distancing measures, our floor stickers are a brilliant solution.  When other options such as advertisement stands, posters or pop-up banners don’t suit, our social distancing floor vinyl will easily adapt to your establishment’s needs.

The safety of your customers and staff is your top priority.  We use R10 Rated Anti-Slip vinyl, but please check Government guidelines and ensure our vinyl is of suitable rating mandated for your area and is suited to your needs.

Get With the New Normal

In conclusion, we are living in the midst of a new normal.  Businesses all over the world need to adapt.  Social distancing is central to this new normal and we’re all trying to make sense of it.  We’re also getting used to new ways of entering and exiting premises.  Therefore, so much like traffic signs painted on the road, floor stickers have helped us navigate being in public during a pandemic.

Kaizen Print’s floor stickers are a simple, yet effective way of helping your business and your customers navigate today.  Businesses like car showrooms, cafes, garden centres, banks and many others in Belfast, Omagh or anywhere throughout Northern Ireland will benefit from our social distancing stickers.

If getting a Social Distancing sticker or floor sticker is something you are interested in, please get in touch with Kaizen Print either by phoning 028 9002 2474, or emailing us via the contact form.