Printing perfect presentation folders

A presentation folder holds documents, loose sheets and other materials together, for protection and organisation. The presentation folders we supply are usually printed sheets of 350gsm silk card, punched using a special cutting forme to the required shape. We offer a range of templates to suit many business requirements. From curvy templates to those with gussets to hold a large volume of documents.

What types of presentation folders are there?

There are 2 main types of printed on card presentation folders available across the UK & Ireland. These are: Glued Presentation Folders & Interlocking Presentation Folders.

  • Interlocking
  • Glued

Interlocking Presentation Folders

The most commonly printed presentation folder is the interlocking kind. The same of this folder suggests that parts of the folder come together to create a “locked” wallet that can hold documents and this is exactly what happens.

After printing, the folders are sent to the forme cutting Heidelberg press for punching to shape. The die, which has been expertly created by our design studio, allows the Heidelberg to punch the card and add creases. This ensures we have a finished product that can be folded and locked together to make a perfect presentation folder.

Glued Presentation Folders

Glued presentation folders are also quite common however their use would be ⅓ of that of interlocking folders. The main difference between the two types is that the glued folders use a different cutting forme to afford them the ability to be stuck in places as opposed to the interlocking mechanism of the previous folder type.

The glued versions are often used to make folders with gussets to allow them to carry a larger quantity of documents. Some marketers just prefer the aesthetics of a glued presentation folder. Our glued folders are printed on exactly the same quality card stock and using the same printers as the interlocking folders with the only difference being the finished make up of the folder.

Presentation Folder Templates

We’ve shown below many examples of both interlocking and glued presentation folders. We hold each of these cutting formes as stock formes and so to use any of them, will save you considerably over using a bespoke cutting forme for your project.

Reasons why you should use a presentation folder

There are plenty of reasons why presentation folders are a great marketing tool for your business. Below we summarise the key points you might consider as benefits of using presentation folders.

Presentation folders protect your documents – the simplest and easiest reason to decide to buy presentation folders is that they protect the contents you place within. This is perfect for sending information to potential clients whether this is a contract or price list or even company info. Even if the contents remain on the shelf or in a drawer for months, when they are finally used, they will come out in perfect condition.

The can portray a positive image of your business – a well designed presentation folder can portray your business in great light, even when you’re not there. Remember a folder is an extension of your salesforce and should be of the highest standard.

What is the process of printing a presentation folder?

The process of printing a presentation folder is much like every other paper/card product we print. Whether that’s flyers, posters, business cards or even booklets, the process is relatively similar. What makes a presentation folder different from the above, is what happens post-production. We’ve outlined the process of printing and finishing a presentation folder below.

  1. Pre-Press – The presentation folder artwork is received from the studio or from print ready artwork supplied by the client. It is checked for sizing, colour issues, low res imagery and bleed.
  2. Printing – The project is plated and sent to the press, to wait in line for it’s print time.
  3. Post-production – The printed SRA2 sheets are sent to the finishing department to go through the stages of finishing. These could be lamination, spot UV or any other type of finish.
  4. Forme Cutting – Once the primary finishing is completed, the folders are sent to the forme cutting department. Here your chosen forme is loaded onto the Heidelberg and the SRA2 sheets pass through the machine punching the interlocking folder from the sheets.
  5. Packing and distribution – the folders are expertly packed and shipped directly to your door, or will remain in Kaizen for collection.

What finishes can I have on my presentation folder?

Some of the most common finishes our clients have requested on their presentation folders are outlined below. We’re always up for a challenge, so if you have any special requests, please do get in touch with the team. They’ll do their best to accommodate or give an alternative solution.

Business cards – the most common finishing request we get on our presentation folders is the addition or removal of business card slots. Almost every forme we own has the ability to remove the business card slots and so this is absolutely no issue at all on any presentation folder project.
Extra gussets – Some of our formes have additional gussets. These gussets afford the folder the ability to hold extra documents. If it’s not apparent from our templates which ones have more space, just ask and we’ll get some examples to you.
Spot uv / Foil blocking – We get a handful of special requests on an annual basis. These usually come in the shape of spot uv or foil blocking presentation folders. This is completely doable on all accounts. We’ll need to price these for you separately, as there’s a cost involved.
Bespoke shapes – If your graphic designer wants to use a bespoke shape or indeed you have a reason to defer from one of our standard templates, this is no issue at all. Simple supply us with the cutting forme of a folder you’d like and we’ll get the forme made and ready to punch your folder when printed. There’s an additional one of charge for the creation of a new forme. So just ask and we’ll send you a quote across.

How long do presentation folders take to print?

With the processes outlined above, you will be aware that presentation folders take slightly longer to print than say a set of flyers or posters. Usually the lead time for a presentation folder printing project is 7-8 working days from receipt of print ready artwork. This process can of course be expedited somewhat and so if you require your presentation folders in a hurry, please do get in touch with our customer service team. We’ll be only to happy to assist.