Presentation Folder Tips and Benefits

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The presentation folder has been keeping brands and businesses in a good line since their inception.  Utilising the presentation folder at its full potential is not only good for your business; it’s good for you and your employees.  These folders can be worthy brand ambassadors.  In addition, they can keep your documents organised and ready to present at any instance.  However, the success of your presentation folder really depends on your business.  Your folder is a reflection of the effort put into it.  Therefore, spare no effort for maximum effect.

A presentation folder is an ideal way to keep business documents safe and organised.  For a business, refrain from haphazardly collecting pieces of paper in the hopes of getting some additional business.  You can impress with a clean and organised presentation folder.  Their presentation says so much about your business so it’s imperative to use them to your full advantage.

What Your Presentation Folder Should Include

There may be a variety of reasons for you to use a presentation folder.  However, for the folder to truly be of value there are some essentials.  Here are some elements you should ensure are included with the folder to make a fulsome presentation.

Business Cards

You can include your brand and contact information on the folder itself.  However, the business card being included is compact and gives the client a direct line to whoever is responsible.

Introduction Letter

On some beautiful letterhead, you should include an introduction letter.  This lets the recipient know what you are all about and what the presentation folder contains.  In other words, the introduction letter should be a brief and concise history of your brand.  In addition, explain what the folder they are holding contains and why they have it.

Educational Materials

Now this will depend on your audience.  If you are an estate agent with a nice home you are selling, the presentation folder can be a nice closing touch.  In addition, if you are at a trade show and just drumming up new business, you can include a product or service portfolio and any other marketing materials relevant to telling your story.

On the other hand, you may use the presentation folder for the already initiated.  For example, you might use for shareholders or company executives to deliver your annual report.

Promotional Merchandise

If your presentation folder is being used to solicit new customers, you might want to consider including any additional promotional materials.  A sticker for example or compliments slip, including a handwritten note with a discount code for a future promotion could be included.  Your presentation folder should not only be memorable for what it contains.  In addition, it should be memorable for how everything is contained.

Presentation Folders at Kaizen Print

Our presentation folders are what you need if you want to keep your documents safe and organised.

At Kaizen Print, our presentation folders are printed on a 350gsm silk as standard.  Therefore, our folders will last and can even take a little knocking around in the briefcase.  In addition, they will look great in meetings, trade shows, or wherever you may require them.

You can choose either oversize A5 or A4 folders.  In addition, you can have your choice of finishes, depending on the wear and tear you might think your folder will need to endure.  Unlaminated, matt lamination or gloss laminations are the finish options we offer you.

We print our luxurious presentation folders at an affordable price.  We start at a low minimum order quantity of 250.  Therefore, the disadvantage of small businesses here is removed.  A smaller company looking to make a big impression still can and not have to worry about overstretching their budget.

Why Choose Kaizen Print

There are three key reasons to go with Kaizen Print.  First, our presentation folders are printed on the finest 350gsm silk.  Second, they are forme cut and therefore, allowing you to put your folders together effortlessly.  Finally, we have small minimum order quantities.  In other words, you won’t be stuck with more than you need.

If that is not enough, we have been in the business of printing presentation folders for over 10 years.  We have been printing them for businesses in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.

We love our presentation folders and so will you.  Finally, here are five reasons you will love them.

  • First, they help keep your information organised.
  • Second, they will make an impact. 
  • Third, our folder offer at a glance information. 
  • Fourth, they offer brand promotion. 
  • Finally, they are very cost effective.

Get in Touch

To discuss your presentation folder design or printing, please get in touch with the team at Kaizen Print.  You can send an email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.