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The coming of the digital age has witnessed a trend away from physical marketing.  However, as more of us attempt to dig ourselves from under overloaded email inboxes, physical media marketing campaigns might be the only way to get through.  Therefore, the printed envelope is a key component of any physical marketing play.  In many cases, it is the only chance you have of winning over the opportunity to present your marketing materials.  How many of us have tossed aside blank envelopes not even addressed without even wondering what was contained inside?  We’re not the only ones.  Therefore, make sure your envelopes are printed with a compelling design and professional manner or your promotional materials don’t have the hope of even a passing glance.

There’s no doubt traditional mailers have been in decline since the ushering in of emails.  However, the requirement to physically post documents is still commonplace.  While the printed envelope may be the finishing touch to the delivery of marketing materials and documents, it is your first impression to the recipient.  Therefore, do not overlook this great potential to have your materials consumed.

Printed Envelopes at Kaizen Print

Here at Kaizen Print, we understand and believe a complete marketing campaign includes all opportunities to target clients.  Therefore, you should not limit your business to the online arena.  Targeting as many clients as possible means including direct mail and other offline opportunities.  Some of our own most well-received campaigns have been through targeted direct mail-outs.

All of our standard envelopes are peel and seal.  Therefore, they are easy to post and you won’t be stuck having to lick countless envelopes!  Our envelopes can only be printed on 1 side.  However, this print is the absolute highest quality around and printed on our Xerox printers.

We print envelopes in the following sizes:

  • DL – 220mm x 110mm
  • C5 – 229mm x 162mm
  • C4 – 324mm x 229mm

Printed Envelope Variety

We provide a variety of printed envelope purposes.  Determine which the best to suit your business needs is.

Prepaid Printed Envelope

We print these prepaid envelopes that banks and businesses send out with their mailings.  We’ve printed for hundreds of banks and businesses all across Belfast and around the rest of the country.

In addition, we offer industry leading prices for both full colour and black and white printing.  With our digital printing, you can order low minimums without the huge set-up costs of other printers.

Freepost Printed Envelope

Printing Freepost Envelopes is fairly uncommon in Belfast.  However, Kaizen Print has you covered.  We know exactly what is expected for printing these envelopes.

We overprint the Freepost mark supplied by your business onto the envelope.  If you need to obtain a business reply or Freepost 12 character licence, you can obtain this by visiting  In addition, you can use their artwork generating tool.  This provides an image we can print from.  However, any further design may incur a charge.

Commercial Printed Envelope

We provide a cost-effective and fast service for all types of commercial envelopes.  Envelopes are available in the sizes listed above.  We offer the right solution for your envelope printing with our ability to print in colour or black and white.  In addition, we source all our envelopes from industry leading stationery suppliers.  Therefore, we are confident in the quality of our envelopes with each and every order.

Personalised Printed Envelope

Getting personal with your clients’ mailers has been proven to increase response rates.  Therefore, getting personal with your envelopes will only help you convert more prospects.

Some projects, including marketing mailers, are best presented with a personalised address or message.  At Kaizen Print, we can tailor each and every mailer to be unique based upon a database provided by you.  With correctly formatted data, personalisation will be relatively easy to work with.  In addition, you won’t incur more than a handling fee to implement personalisation.

Business Reply Envelope

Business reply envelopes are sent out within other mailers.  Therefore, making it easy for customers to respond.  Sending a business reply envelope makes it simple for your customers to connect.  Therefore, engagement rates are generally higher.  Most customers won’t bother with the connection if they are left responsible to source an envelope.  Providing a business reply envelope keeps your customers happy and actively engages them to connect.

Get in Touch

With all of the options available to you, it is no wonder Kaizen Print has printed envelopes for many businesses in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  We have been in the business for over ten years.  We know how to make your business stand out and your customers happy.

Handle your printed envelopes with the utmost urgency.  It is the window into your business. Therefore, make your printed envelope printing amount to a success.  To discuss your printed envelopes, please get in touch with our team who would be happy to assist.  Contact us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.