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You see them while walking about the city.  You know there’s a bus shelter from a distance.  Their illuminated marketing attracts the eye.  They usually have a striking display of colour.  They are the backlit poster.  These posters are also commonly referred to as a lightbox poster.  They can be found in more places than you think.  In addition, at night they truly dazzle, lighting up the street for a brilliant display.  Backlit posters generally feature a stunning design.  However, they are a marketing marvel.  The illuminate your marketing at night and day, giving light to your message when most media options can’t.

What is a Backlit Poster?

Backlit posters are designed to be used within a framed lightbox.  They are printed on special semi-transparent media with a coating that ensure the light is evenly distributed across the poster.  The lighting from behind creates a compelling visual effect.  Therefore, they enable and enhance the production of vivid and bright colours.  They demand and command attention.  With the right design and lighting, they will.

Backlit posters are striking at any time of day.  However, their real magic is displayed at night.  Most marketing materials lose their power when the sun goes down.  Even in a well-lit environment, posters and flyers lose their power in displaying a vibrant message.  The magic of a backlit poster is you can draw attention to your marketing message all day and night.

With this in mind, design and colour considerations are essential to the success of your backlit poster.  In addition, the messaging itself should be compelling enough to be worthy of lighting up.  In other words, ensure a backlit poster is the right media for what you want to message.  Your message and design should light up as much as the physical lighting behind it.

Uses for a Backlit Poster

Backlit posters are most commonly found in bus shelters everywhere.  However, they can be found in many places, outdoor and indoors.  The cinema is another popular place for lightbox posters.  You can’t help but notice them lined up displaying currently playing films or coming attractions.  They are lit up like a Hollywood premiere.  The lighting and vibrant colours are practically screaming for your attention.  These posters are highly-effective because of this.  However, their use is not limited to bus shelters and the cinema.  Takeaway counters are another popular location for these lit-up wonders.  In addition, shopping centres, car dealerships and building receptions utilise backlit posters to call attention to new products, shops or services.  In other words, when you need to light up a marketing message, a striking backlit poster is an ideal option.

A Backlit Poster from Kaizen Print

Backlit lightbox posters are made to be big, bright and vibrant.  They make sure whatever message you want projected is noticed walking down the street, heading into the cinema or popping in for a takeaway.  Day or night, our backlit poster will project with amazing vibrancy.

Here at Kaizen Print, we understand backlit posters need to be designed and printed to the absolute highest quality.  Therefore, your backlit posters, we ensure, will be seen and adored.

Our graphics are printed on a 285gsm translucent film.  They project an image in stunning colour once lit from behind.  We print our backlit posters using and 8 colour ink system and with 10 passes per line.  In other words, these prints are as close to life-like quality as possible.

Your posters can be printed on A2, A1 or A0 sizes.  However, if you have a more bespoke size request, please contact the team at Kaizen Print who will be more than happy to discuss your design.

The 285gsm translucent film we use to print our backlit posters is commonly referred to as duratrans.  This material is the brand name we use on all of our backlit graphics.  The quality is second to none and ensures we get both colour vibrancy and print quality with every poster printed.

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There’s no question that we can ensure a backlit poster campaign will be a success for your marketing.  Their success is enshrined in their ability to deliver vibrant messaging at all hours of the day.  Therefore, these posters are an important vehicle for your key messages.  You backlit poster needs to deliver, day or night.

We have printed backlit posters for businesses in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  We have been in the business for over 10 years.  Our backlit posters have a great quality finish.  In addition, they create a realistic and vibrant look so your marketing stands out.

If you would like to discuss your backlit poster design, or if you are ready to go proceed right to the printing, please get in touch with the team at Kaizen Print.  Feel free to email us via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.