Shining a Light on the Presentation Cheque

At the centre of a press conference celebrating a donation is the presentation cheque.  The presentation cheque is largely taken for granted.  However, it is at the centre of many large marketing campaigns so its importance can’t be understated no matter how symbolic the gesture is.

What Is a Presentation Cheque?

A presentation cheque I a ceremonial presentation, primarily for a press conference and for a photo shoot.  The cheque is amplified to an exaggerated size for maximum effect.  Above all, the size amplification gives the audience visibility to the presented details.  There’s little use or effect when one holds up a regular size cheque from one’s pocketbook.  For instance, big charity cheques are often seen at fundraising events, such as Children In Need or Sports Relief.  Presentation cheques give legitimacy to charities and their fundraising efforts and activities.

Personalized Presentation Cheque from Kaizen Print
Let your contribution stand out with a bespoke presentation cheque from Kaizen Print.

Make a Visual Impact

Incorporating a big presentation cheque into a Public Relations photo makes a massive visual impact.  Physically, the sheer size has an impact.  In addition, the content of the cheque must be on the same scale if presented in such a form.  For instance, you are not going to make a huge cheque out of a minimal donation or prize.  Therefore, this presentation cheque demands full attention.

Presentation cheques can be used across all digital marketing channels.  In addition, it can be utilised in traditional media including local press or any relevant trade publications.  You may also want to include the image in any communications with those that donated to your group.

Presentation Cheque Uses

Charities are mainly associated with the Presentation cheque.  However, they do have uses that reach beyond charitable donation announcements.  Here are some of the uses of large presentation cheques.

  • Charitable Donations
  • Employee Bonus
  • Tournament or Content Prizes
  • Large Sales Promotions
  • Business Awards
  • Gift Representations
  • Presentations to Staff
  • Display Purposes

Kaizen Print Will Present a Cheque to You

Kaizen Print is one of the leading suppliers of customisable cheques in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  Groups and organisations throughout Northern Ireland, the UK and Ireland use Kaizen Print for their promotional campaigns.  We specialise in creating bespoke branded presentation cheques for businesses, charitable groups and organisations across the UK and Ireland.  Let Kaizen Print hep you highlight your fundraising efforts or however you may need to use a presentation cheque.

Cheque Options

Kaizen Print offers you two options when printing your presentation cheque:  Paper or on 3mm Foamex with laminated vinyl onto a rigid board.  The option to design your own cheque is available.  However, our standard design template is also an option and it is available for free.

We usually send the cheques out blank so you can fill in the details yourself with a marker.  However, we also offer to print the information to fill out the presentation cheque.

Cheque Formats

Kaizen Print offer you two different format options to choose from, each with their own unique benefits.

Mounted Vinyl Cheques – These are printed on self-adhesive vinyl, laminated and mounted onto a rigid foam board.  These mounted cheques are of the highest quality.  In addition, they are durable and will last because of the materials used.  They can be used repeatedly if treated with care and in addition, they can be cleaned with a cleaning solution.  In addition, these cheques are delivered with special care utilising bubble-wrap, therefore ensuring they are delivered in a condition built to last.

Large Paper Cheques – These are perfect for those working with a limited budget.  These cheques are printed on matt coated paper and are generally used for single use.  In addition, bespoke sizes are also available, as they can be printed in sizes p to 1.3m tall and by virtually any length.

Ordering Your Presentation Cheque from Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print helps numerous businesses and organisations throughout Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland with striking bespoke presentation cheques.  We offer practical tips and advice when it comes to your design.  We are proven experts when it comes to outstanding print results.  Our exacting standards and dedication to only the best quality at the best value make us the ideal supplier for your business printing needs.  To find out more about how we can help you with your presentation cheque, please get in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.

Please Note Before Ordering

Our presentation cheques are shipped in allotted time-frames after the artwork approval.  In other words, please ensure a prompt reply to the artwork team to ensure you cheques are delivered in a timely manner and dazzle your audience.