It’s Calendar & Planner Time!

It’s getting towards the end of the year again.  We’ve all made our gift lists with our own wishes and what to be getting for others.  A calendar of planner may be the one gift we all take for granted, but honestly, does anyone not like these time management miracles?  They are a valuable resource that is used daily.  Every day.  For a year.  However, they should be on the top of everyone’s lists.

Being environmentally conscious and living a sustainable life can be hard at this time of year.  We are constantly getting items for Christmas gifts and many of them are either discarded or just re-gifted because we don’t want or actually use them.  Therefore, a calendar and planner is the most practical of gifts and highly unlikely to be discarded.  There’s nothing more satisfying than having a look at the next year and plotting it out with goals and plans.

Flip Tent Calendar
Flip Tent Calendar from Kaizen Print

Why Do We Love Calendars?

The biggest benefit to the use of a calendar and planer is the maintenance of your schedule.  Therefore, they are essential for effective time management.  However, having a view to tasks, plans and any upcoming deadlines has such trickle-down effects that start with good time management.

Enhanced Productivity

One’s productivity can only be improved with good utilisation of a planner or calendar.  Calendars can give a large overview with important dates.  In addition, a planner can get into the details, which means if your time is organised, you can be organised and efficient.  Laying out your plans also helps you gauge how much you can get done.  Accomplishing these tasks and crossing them off gives a mental boost and sense of accomplishment that leads to more enhanced productivity.

Maintaining Reliable Records

A planner can be an excellent assistant in maintaining reliable records.  A calendar utilised in such a way can also assist in maintaining these records.  Almost acting as a date stamp, a calendar or planner can confirm timelines for you on when something is confirmed or a task was completed.

Manage Stress Levels

There is the saying that has been used, “a messy bedroom, a messy head”.  This would apply to keeping a schedule.  How can you keep a schedule if you don’t even have a physical one??  Relying on one’s memory can only set you to forget at least something.  Not keeping a calendar and planner can only mean unwelcome surprises.  In addition, some of these surprises could be huge with little lead-time and adding exponentially to one’s stress levels.

Promote Your Business

Calendar printing is the ultimate marketing too.  Creating a personalised calendar or planner allows your business to market to your customers and prospects.  Including your brand logon on a desk calendar keeps the brand top of mind.  Their prime location is picked out to be noticed.  You don’t see a calendar or planner placed in an obscure position in the office.  Their very placement of being guaranteed to be noticed means this is the opportunity to keep your brand atop of mind.

Planner and Calendar Options from Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print offers a number of cost-effective options for you to print.  In addition these options won’t break the bank.  These personalised calendars and planners are perfect for personal, corporate and all manners of business marketing.  Suitable for almost any situation, personalise your calendar design to excite the viewer.

wall planner kaizen print belfast
Wall Planner from Kaizen Print

Year Planners

These planners are brilliant to present your business unobtrusively to an array of clients.  They are available in two sizes (A1 & A2) and printed on a 140gsm uncoated paper, these are perfect for keeping notes.  Clients will love them and your brand will be in the forefront all year round.  We crease and fold these planners for ease of distribution which is standard.  However, they can also be left flat on request.  Many of our clients choose to create a statement page and an information side to their year planner.

Wall Calendars

These are printed on 6 double-sided sheets on a beautiful 150gsm silk paper, backed with a heavy 350gsm card backing.  This durable construction ensures they will last the twelve months before falling apart.  They are wire-bound with a smart silver, black or white wire to allow hanging.

There are three sizes of these wall calendars: A3 & A4 and Thin (1/3 A3 portrait) all which provide ample opportunity for branding positioning and marketing.

Tent Calendars

These calendars are unobtrusive and take up very little space on desktops.  While the space is little, the real estate is prime, so you have the potential of a captive audience of a full year with the right captivating design.  These are printed at A4 size and creased to 1/3 A4, single sided on a stunning 300gsm silk card.

Flip Tent Calendar

One of our popular options are the flip tent calendars.  These take the basic tent calendar backing and add multiple pages in an easel style, allowing easy flipping through the months.  This option provides the option to change up the messaging, allowing for multiple marketing messages so you can really get creative with the design on these.

While we all have calendars we can access on our phones or on our computers, there is something more tangible about physically writing key dates down on a planner or calendar.  They physicality make is more permanent and less likely to be forgotten.

Calendars and planners are a great way to be economical and get your brand in front of customers every day throughout the year.  Here at Kaizen Print, we offer our full graphic design service on our calendars.  We request you keep sizing to A4 size if you utilise your own designers.

Whether you are in Belfast, Omagh or anywhere throughout Northern Ireland, a calendar and planner is a welcome gift idea to everyone, is guaranteed to be utilised regularly throughout the year and keep you organised. If getting personalised planners and calendars is something you are interested in, make sure you visit Kaizen either by phoning 028 9002 2474 or emailing us via the contact form.