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Poster Printing - A1

There’s a good reason you see posters everywhere you look.  Posters are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising on the market.  They are utilised by charities, businesses and all matter of organisations.  These organisations utilise posters because their message can be spread easily, far and wide.  In addition, poster printing is an extremely cost-effective means of communicating.  This is especially true when compared to radio, print or television advertising.  However, the benefits of posters aren’t limited to cost-effectiveness.  Let’s look at some other reasons posters remain a viable means for brand awareness.

Posters Can Be Powerful

Good posters can cause a rapid response with viewers.  On the same lines, so can bad ones!  However, and effective poster will arouse curiosity, empathy or temptation.  Strong calls to action, striking imagery and vibrant colours are means to make your poster more effective.  Therefore, ensure your poster contains any number of these elements to maximise their potential.

Posters are Versatile

There are so many ways posters are versatile.  They can be any size or shape to start.  For design, posters offer your business or organisation huge advertising scope.  You can play with fonts, graphics and the wording in a way only posters offer.  In addition, posters can be placed almost everywhere.

Massive Audience Potential

The audience potential posters offer is massive.  They can be placed indoors or outdoors.  You find them in shopping centres, eating areas or on the street among countless other places.  In other words, posters have the potential to captivate a huge audience due to their placement in heavy footfall areas.


Audiences trust posters because they appear in public places.  They are given credibility due to their long history.  An un-credible poster is likely to be defaced or taken down almost immediately.  Poster advertising is a distinctive tradition that will live on.

Poster Printing is Highly Visible

This is the opportunity for business to do something striking and captivating.  Poster placement will guarantee an audience but not all posters will resonate.  Compelling visuals, call to action or text will be visible and memorable.  The goal of your postering campaign should be to resonate with as many potential customers as possible.

Cross Channel Potential

Posters have the ability to lure customer to your store.  In addition, they can drive a successful viral campaign.  They can raise the profile of your brand and your social presence.  Utilising some clever messaging or a hash tag can make your poster and advertising campaign go viral.  Include your website and social handles to boost your digital profile.  However, where an audience can get up close to your poster, include a QR code.  The QR code can drive to your website and immediately drive traffic.

Poster Printing Options at Kaizen Print

We mentioned earlier the versatility of posters.  At Kaizen Print we offer a variety of poster printing options to ensure your campaign gets noticed.  Let’s look at some of the options available for your marketing campaigns.

Small Posters

Small posters are brilliant because they are portable and easily affixed to surfaces.  Important here is to have the vital information present.  However, don’t get too wordy with your messaging on a small poster.  You risk losing the attention of your audience if they can’t gleam an instant call to action.

Kaizen Print offers you A4 and A3 small posters.  In addition, we have express turnaround with next day printing available.  If you need to get a timely campaign out fast, our posters won’t disappoint.  In addition, we offer some of the best prices around.

Large Posters

Make a real big impression with a large poster.  They are fantastic for shop windows, shopping centres or in event places.  In addition, large posters are brilliant presentation pieces of conferences, events and trade shows.

Kaizen Print offers large posters in the following sizes:

  • A2
  • A1
  • A0
  • 1200 x 1800mm

Our posters are printed single-sided on 160gsm satin poster paper.  This paper provides fantastic colour replication.  In addition, we use UV inks that do not fade.  Therefore, your poster will be able to withstand direct sunlight, unlike ones with dye inks.

Waterproof Posters

You may want your messaging taken outdoors.  However, you want that messaging to stay alive after the first rainfall.  Our weather here demands your poster withstand some moisture.  Enter Waterproof Posters.  They are printed onto a 300micron polypropylene film.  Therefore, they are durable and can withstand more than a traditional laminated poster.  These posters are available in A2, A1 and A0 sizes.  In addition, they are tear resistant and can be wiped clean.

Get In Touch for Poster Printing

At Kaizen Print we have a team of expert designers and printers.  We have been helping businesses with their poster printing for over ten years.  Whether in Belfast, Omagh or anywhere else throughout Northern Ireland, our team will be happy to assist with your poster printing needs.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.