Outdoor Advertising Benefits

Outdoor Advertising PVC Banners

Spring has finally sprung.  Our evenings will be filled with more daylight.  Everyone is looking forward to the extra sun and warmer temperatures.  Winters just seem so more hectic.  We can’t relax when it appears to be bedtime before we finish school or work.  Everybody is ready to spend some time outdoors and soak up some vitamin D.  This is the time to grab the extra attention with a well-thought out and designed outdoor advertising campaign.  You can use this opportunity to freshen up what you already have in market.  In addition, you can create new marketing materials.  It’s the perfect time to get your brand noticed and have your message resonate.

Why Outdoor Advertising?

It may seem outdoor advertising would be a losing game.  Many people are lost into the world of their phones.  Digital advertising is the way of the future.  However, traditional outdoor marketing is still vital.  In fact, it is critical to raising brand awareness.  The reality is the market is being saturated with unwanted and untrustworthy digital advertising.  Increasingly we see what advertisers think we want due to our online history.  However, all those digital ads are increasingly fading into a blur.  Outdoor advertising enjoys many benefits in the quest to help your brand raise awareness of your business, products or services.

Outdoor Advertising Appears More Legitimate

A lot of digital advertising makes some people uneasy.  Spam seems to be so widespread.  In addition, it’s hard to know whether the item you are clicking on is legitimate.  Even emails are prone to be the product of hackers.  Many are weary of digital advertising for this reason.  This may be some growing pains for both sides due to digital ads’ recent arrival.  However, traditional advertising, especially of the outdoor variety, is more trusted and trustworthy.  Traditionally ads are more widely seen as legitimate compared to their digital counterparts.

We are more welcome to sights outdoors.  In this realm we have little control over what we see.  Many of us will even appreciate a unique, catchy or aesthetically pleasing piece of outdoor advertising.

Helps Building Brands

Outdoor advertising is not only viewed as more trustworthy, it is impossible to ignore.  Outdoor signage can’t be hidden or turned off.  You can’t swipe past it or delete it.  Commuters will be repeatedly exposed to the same advertising campaigns on their daily journeys.  Therefore, this repeated exposure makes you more familiar with these brands.

Commuters aren’t the only ones to be lured by outdoor advertising.  All it takes is one stroll, or one car or bus ride to have your curiosity and interest piqued by outdoor advertising.  Catchy slogans, memorable images or even a campaign tease will inspire interest.  Therefore, your brand awareness is building.  So ensure your design and message is both inspired and compelling.

Outdoor Ads are Versatile

Outdoor ads are extremely versatile in a number of ways.  The can come in any size and in a variety of forms.  You can find the means to get your message across no matter the location, demographic or layout of the area you wish to advertise in.

You can customise your signage to fit in the geographical location.  The text or imagery can reference the specific area it features in.  This makes your signage more relatable to the locality.  In additions, your ad’s message or imagery can adapt to its surroundings.  Striking and clear messaging is ideal to get noticed in urban settings with heavy clutter.  For more rural settings, a more serene and colourful palette will appeal to those escaping the hustle of urban sprawl.


Outdoor advertising is very cost effective.  More so once compared to other forms of advertising.  First, in many cases it is cheaper to have outdoor advertising created.  Digital and print campaigns can be costly to create and to execute.  Purchasing ads for print campaigns like magazine or newspapers can be expensive.  In addition they only result in short-term exposure.  Here your ads really only get one chance to shine.

The same is true for digital campaigns.  Procuring ad space and keywords can be costly, short-term and don’t necessarily guarantee a conversion.

In addition, outdoor advertising is for a longer duration.  This adds to their cost-effectiveness.  Outdoor ads have a longer life span.  In some cases, you are buying the length of time in a location plus the media itself.  It’s not a page that can be turned away. Your outdoor ad is visible to potential customers every day for its lifespan.  In other words, your outdoor ad stands a better chance of being noticed and remembered.  Therefore, your business will see more impactful results using a smaller budget.  This makes outdoor advertising a brilliant option for companies or organisation with more limited marketing budgets

Outdoor Advertising at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print has been helping businesses with their outdoor advertising, and indoors too!  We have been helping businesses with their marketing solutions for over ten years.  Whether it is from PVC banners to large posters, or from forecourt overbags to feather flags, we have the marketing solution to fit your needs and budget.  However small or large your campaign, our dedicated team of designers and printers will ensure your campaign’s success.  Our experts have helped tens of thousands of businesses in Belfast, Omagh and right across Northern Ireland with high quality design and print.  Take your outdoor advertising campaign to the next level.  Get in touch with us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.