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When working in retail, it is vitally important that you make sure that the offers and promotions you have or the new products that you have launched, are in clear view of your customers. What better way to do this than with some POS print? Within this blog, we are going to look at some of the best print for retail POS and how you can best utilise it in your establishment.

Leaflets and Flyers

We’ll start with one of the basic ones, in Leaflets and Flyers. When working in the retail industry you want your customers to know about discounts you have or perhaps special in store events that are coming up. Leaflets and flyers are a great way to do this, as these types of promotions usually doesn’t require a lot of information, making an A5 or A6 flyer perfect. They will allow you to keep your branding so that your customers recognise it is from you, but they are also big enough to be standing on the till counter, so as they will catch the eye of your customers, but not be intruding on them buying/paying for their product or service.

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Leaflets and Flyers by Kaizen Print


Next up we have small format and large format posters and these are going to be ranging in sizes from A4 right up to A0. What’s great about the posters is that they can be used in conjunction with the leaflets and flyers to help tell customers about in-store promotions or upcoming events. They can be easily placed around your store and catch the eyes of your customers, but again, won’t be intruding on their shopping experience.

Aside from the small and large format posters here at Kaizen Print we also offer Waterproof posters, which come in very handy for an outdoor marketing that you would like to do, especially living in Northern Ireland. Coming in the same sizes as the large format posters, they are sure to catch the attention of any customers – new or old – walking past your store, even on a horrible day.

Large Format Posters by Kaizen Print

Shelf Wobblers

Shelf Wobblers are great for getting that unexpected sale from a customer, as they were just browsing but it caught their eye. This works very well in certain retail situations, such as newsagents, where they can hang directly from the shelves. They can be used to promote offers that might be on in certain products, but also to promote new products that you have received in store. What’s more, when placed right, they will be right at the eye level of your customers, meaning they are sure not to miss them

Shelf Wobblers by Kaizen Print

There you have it, the perfect print products for retail POS, a sure fire way to get your products or brand in front of your customers, exactly where you want it to be. To get in tocuh about your POS today, either give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or send an email to [email protected].