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Printed Marketing - Fabric Media Wall

If this blog could be subtitled, it would be ‘Last Night a Fabric Media Wall’ saved my life.  I write about a lot of products offered here at Kaizen Print.  I can’t say I’ve used everything I’ve written about.  However, I was inspired to write about my experience with a Fabric Media Wall.  I expected blood, sweat, tears and heavy balding when I looked at the package when it arrived.  What followed completely annihilated my expectation on what would happen.

What is a Fabric Media Wall?

Before delving into my story, let’s talk about what these branding wonders are.  Fabric media wall or pop ups have evolved from the regular Magnetic pop-up stands that have been commonplace in the industry for years.  Primarily this evolution occurred due to the need for more portable walls.

These fabric media walls are lighter due to their aluminium frame.  In addition, there is a cloth graphic, which is produced in one section.  Therefore you are left with no inconvenient and unsightly joints in your display.

As is our standard, Fabric Media Walls are printed to 210gsm display polyester.  The graphic is a stretched across the pop-up framework and secured using Velcro.  In addition, the pop-up stands that support your media wall come in a compact wheelie carrier bag.  Therefore, transportation to and from events is easy and straightforward.

Benefits of the Fabric Media Wall

Fabric media walls are brilliant for trade shows, exhibitions, big product launches or in my case, an awards show.  They are the perfect backdrop to ensure a huge impression.  Here are a few benefits to using these gems.

Clean Sight Lines

With a fabric media wall you see next to nothing of the base supporting the media.  You have no unsightly poles distracting from your branding.  In addition, the application of your graphic is such that you have no creases.  In other words, your branding will be the star of the show.  You won’t have any unsightly creases or sags in any of the photography from your usage.

Easy to Store and Transport

With the aluminium stand, these walls are really easy to transport.  They weigh very little.  Therefore they are easy to store.  The courier bag the stand comes in makes this huge frame very compact and will not require extra space for storing until the next usage.

No Glare Photography

Fabric media walls need to shine in photography.  Not literally though.  Your media wall is the co-star of your event.  Chances are countless photos are going to be taken in front of it.  It is essential your media wall isn’t overshadowed by any unsightly glare.  This is the benefit to using fabric for these stands.

Makes a Huge Impression

These media walls tower over proceedings.  They don’t overwhelm but if you need to make a massive impression, this is the ticket.  It’s key to keep your fabric design as timeless as possible.  However, the option is there to update your graphic if you need without having to get the entire stand again.

Last Night a Fabric Media Wall Saved My Life

Part of my role as Marketing Executive involves events put on by North-West News Group (NWNG).  Recently NWNG returned to hosting an in-person event for the Gaelic Life Ulster Club All-Star awards.  It would be my first time experiencing the glitz and the gruel of putting together such an event.

One thing we did require was a Fabric Media Wall.  This would provide the backdrop for the core photos of the event.  It had to look both commanding and flawless.

When it arrived at the office it didn’t look like much.  The box containing the frame-in-a-bag and the graphic fit under a desk.  This desk wasn’t being used but this gives you an idea of the small storage space required.  My colleague and I began to attempt to assemble but it was going to be too intrusive in a busy office space.

Easy Installation & Takedown

My car was packed with boxes for the event.  The first thing that impressed me with this wall is how it fit and maximised the space it required.  There was no unnecessary taking up of space.  Getting to the event space, I pulled the contents of the bag out.  The poles all collapsed with ends that clipped into another end.  This was made so simple with the lettering system.  Therefore, there was no second guessing where each end went into.  Very quickly this chore turned into a delight.  Two of us had the massive frame together in a manner of minutes and I could have easily done it on my own.

The graphic went over the frame just as easily.  Much like putting a jumper on, only much, much larger.  The graphic slipped over and was just the perfect amount of tautness.  Once the ends were fully pulled down, there wasn’t a wrinkle to be found.  In addition, the ease it went up with ensure there was no extra wrinkles on yours truly!

In the end the event was a smashing success.  The Fabric Media Wall became a hit with all the attendees who wanted to get photos in front of the branded behemoth.  It was the wee hours of the morning and still people wanted their photos with the wall.  I waited until they all left.  Finally to cap off the night, I wanted to see if the assembly was a fluke.  It wasn’t.  Taking the stand down took two of us no time again.  The fabric media wall was packed up nicely and in the boot of the car just as fast as it was taken out.  I was so impressed with the ease, portability and just how much it was gravitated to.

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