Notepad & Desk Pad Printing – Ideal Marketing Gifts

The New Year is fast approaching.  A new year can only mean a new batch of fresh office and personal stationery.  However, is there a more essential component of this stationery update than the notepad or desk pad?  Every office has them as does every home office.  They are ubiquitous and that does not seem to be coming to an end any time soon.  While we have transitioned over to the digital age and computers, notes written on physical paper happens every day everywhere.

A6 notepad from Kaizen Print

Give the Essential Gift

Custom branded notepads and desk pads are the perfect gift for Christmas.  We all use them and do you know of anyone that has thrown out a notepad?  They are an environmentally friendly gift guaranteed to be utilised.  In addition, a striking branded notepad or desk pad can be one of your most effective marketing tools.

Notepads and desk pads are brilliant ways to market your brand or business at any event, function or even a conference.  Therefore, there’s no need to limit the distribution to Christmas time.

We may not realise it, but repeated viewings of striking branding makes its way into our subconscious.  Therefore, it is imperative to utilise an eye-catching bespoke vision for your notepad and desk pad design.  Make the most of the potential to get your brand front and centre on customers’ desks and get creative.

Giving out notepads and desk pads are not only great for customers or potential customers, they are also great for staff.  They are perfect additions to internal business stationery, and can elevate brand pride.  Notepads and desk pads are perfect for taking notes while you are on the phone, brainstorming and listing out work projects.  In addition, including a calendar in your desk pad design ensures the visibility for a full year.  Therefore, a well thought out notepad and desk pad is the perfect gift for everyone on your gift lists to keep them organised.

Deskpad Printing, Kaizen Print
Desk pad printing from Kaizen Print

Notepad & Desk Pad Options

Kaizen Print offers custom printed notepads and desk pads.  They come in an array of sizes and are the perfect solution to getting your brand on your customers’ desks, ensuring maximum exposure.  In addition, we offer industry specific notepads.

A6 Notepads

A6 Notepads are compact enough to fit in your purse, bag or your back pocket.  We print these on a beautiful 120gsm uncoated paper stock with 100 sheets per notepad.  They are finished with a hardback to keep them sturdy.  They are printed in full colour.  In addition, depending on the quantity ordered we can use either digital or litho printing.

A5 Notepads

A5 Notepads are printed on fantastic quality 120gsm uncoated paper stock and finished with a hardback.  We glue each notepad at the top and they come with 100 sheets per pad.  They are perfect for so many businesses from car dealerships to digital marketing firms for taking notes.  They are a fantastic addition to office desks and a really cost effective and unique advertising method for your business.

A4 Notepads

A4 Notepads are extremely versatile and handy, making them perfect for use in meetings or taking notes from a customer or on a call.  They are printed on 120gsm uncoated paper stock and finished in sets of 100 with a hardback.

A3 Desk Pads

A3 Desk Pads are the perfect piece of office stationery when you need to take notes during a meeting, draw up a rough design or brainstorming ideas for the next big project.  Our A3 desk pads are printed on 120gsm uncoated paper stock and glued into pads of 50 with a hardback.  They are so thin; they will just slide under your keyboard!

A2 Desk Pads

When you need a little more space to take down notes or do sketches, our A2 desk pads are perfect for you.  They are printed on 120gsm uncoated paper and finished in pads of 50 sheets with a hardback.  These make a great addition to your business stationery.  In addition, they are the ideal corporate gift to help your business land on desks!

Customer/Vehicle Appraisal Pads

Our customer/vehicle appraisal pads are printed on the highest quality 1120gsm paper stock in A4 size.  In addition, they are glued together in sets of 100 and have been helping dealerships keep track of all the necessary customer and vehicle information.

Analysis Pads

The perfect stationery for solicitors and accounting firms, these analysis pads can be personalised with your branding and customised to fit your business needs.  These pads are printed on 80gsm uncoated paper stock in A4 size and finished with a hardcover.  They are environmentally friendly and FSC compliant.  In addition, you have the option to print in colour or black and white.

Notepad & Desk Pad Printing with Kaizen

Notepads and desk pads have different uses in many businesses. From promotional use where you distribute them to your customers, to usage as sales fact finding sheets or analysis pads within accounting firms, these paper essentials can truly be found everywhere.  In addition, they make the perfect Christmas gift for your customers, clients or loved ones.

At Kaizen Print we can print your design or if you need, our graphic designers to assist with your project, we’d be delighted to look at this for you.  Whether you are in Belfast, Omagh or anywhere throughout Northern Ireland, Kaizen Print can turn your printing needs into reality.  If getting a personalised notepad or desk pad is something you are interested in, make sure you visit Kaizen either by emailing us via our contact form or by phoning us at 028 9002 2474.