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Business cards are taken for granted in society.  They are more prevalent than what you may think.  However, the power they actually wield can’t be underestimated.

People do not throw out business cards.  Therefore, they are the initial introduction to your brand or business in many instances.  The right business card will create the perfect first impression when presented to a new customer or client.

Your business card says more about you than you realise.  Small in stature, yet massive in effect, there are many things to consider before dismissing the business card as a formality.

Business cards | Kaizen Print
Business Cards by Kaizen Print

Conveys Important Personal Information

The business card’s main function is to convey the most important personal information about you to customers, clients, employees and prospects.  Essentially the business card lets the recipient know who you are, who you work for, what you do and most importantly, how to get in touch with you.  Therefore, it is imperative to go with a design that makes the contact clean and easy to read

First Brand Impression

For many, the business card is the recipient’s first brand impression.  While you are the brand ambassador when you hand out a business card, the card really represents the brand.  Therefore, a striking bespoke design should be priority.  You have one chance to make a first impression.

Direct & Effective Marketing

Following on the first brand impression, the business card is one of the most direct and effective marketing tools.  A card that stands out will make your brand stand out and your business at the forefront of people’s minds.  The physical act of handing out a card makes it the most direct marketing initiative you can undertake.

Personal Touch

The exchange of the business card is direct contact with potential new clients or customers.  Rarely are cards just laid out for people to pick up.  Therefore, go with a striking design and be proud to give that personal touch and let your brand make that connection.

Show you are Prepared

Having a business card handy at all times shows you are prepared and mean business.  Networking, whether personal or for business, requires being prepared at all times.  Therefore, having a well-designed card on hand also speaks volumes to your recipient.

Get Your Creative Card Shared

Most business cards share the same template.  Most are a rectangular card with a logo at the top left corner and contact info somewhere on the card.  Creative business cards can go viral.  Therefore, don’t be constrained by templates and let our creative team fly with a bespoke design.  Utilise an original size to immediately stand out.  Using a heavy paper stock also is a durable option.  Adapting colour will also make your card keep the recipient’s eye.

Buy High Quality Business Cards Online

What does your current business card say about you?  If you are hesitant to hand out your card, it might be time for some help.  At Kaizen Print we offer only the highest quality business cards in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  We have introduced a range of personalised business cards that won’t bust your budget.

Standard Cards

Our standard business cards are the highest quality available and extremely popular.  These are printed at 85mm x 55min on a choice of 350gsm silk or uncoated card stocks.  We have an Express 24 Hour Turnaround time available on standard business cards.  As long as you place your order and upload your artwork all before 3pm, your business cards will be dispatched the next day.

Luxury Cards

Our luxury business cards are some of the best cards on the market.  Each member of the Kaizen Print team has one and uses them every day to win business.  These are printed on high-quality 400gsm silk card and then matt laminated at no extra cost.

Kraft Business Cards

Our Kraft business cards are printed on 100% recycled card stock.  Therefore, in addition to standing out from the crowd, rest assured you are helping the environment.  These brown cards are prefect for a more traditional rustic feel.  They are printed on a 457 mic Kraft card can take ink well.  Therefore they are also perfect to be used as loyalty cards.

Appointment Cards

Our appointment cards come in at 85mm in both portrait and landscape.  They are printed on great quality 350gsm uncoated card and printed on the highest quality printers.  Ensure your client doesn’t miss their appointment again.

Rounded Corner Business Cards

Rounded corners are perfect to reduce the wear & tear of corners.  This bespoke finish is delightfully rounded.  They are printed on our 350gsm silk or uncoated card stocks.  We can round from one up all four corners of your card to create a bespoke finish.

Key Tags

Kaizen Print are also able to print personalised key tags, perfect for any key holding business.  They are printed on 400gsm silk with a choice of laminate on one side.

Make Your Card Special

We all love business cards.  They are a universally recognised tool for businesses to communicate.  The impact of this little bit of paper is extraordinary and can’t be understated.  First impressions count and you only have once chance to make one.  A well-printed business card will create a lasting impact.  Your business card is the silent salesperson that communicates with clients.  It is the reminder of the products and service you supply when you can’t physically.

At Kaizen Print we can print your business cards or if you need, our graphic designers to assist with your project, we’d be delighted to look at this for you.  Whether you are in Belfast, Omagh or anywhere throughout Northern Ireland, Kaizen Print can turn your printing needs into reality.  If getting personalised business cards is something you are interested in, make sure you visit Kaizen either by emailing us via our contact form or by phoning us at 028 9002 2474.