New Year marketing with roll up banners

With Christmas all but a distant memory and the New Year just behind us, our focus and attention as business owners, should be the year ahead. Coming back to work in January, many of us are revitalised and focused on the opportunities available to our businesses (I know we are) and what these opportunities might offer our businesses. This means attending events, focusing on your marketing and looking at every opportunity to promote your business. While you might not have an immediate need for a roll up banner, we can assure you that by pre-planning and having a roll up banner ready for use will be a positive decision you make this January.

With this in mind we wanted to give you some of the top reasons why a roll up banner is the first thing we would buy with our marketing budgets.

Size Matters

Roll up banners are one of the most visual marketing opportunities a business has at their disposal. Small in cost but large in the visual presence they create when erected, ensures a roll up banner is the perfect choice when budgets are restricted and you want to generate the biggest opportunities for your business as possible. Printed in full colour and with its size an impressive 2,000mm tall by 850mm wide, the huge visual impact you can create with a roll up banner is unrivalled at the cost.


Unlike many of the gym goers who are focussing on the “New Year New Me” gym routines and diets, our roll up banners don’t need to shed a few pounds in January. Weighing in at an extremely light 3kgs, this super lightweight product is perfect for carry on luggage or for packing into the boot of a car. As we supply padded carrier cases and cardboard outer packaging on all our roll up banners you can be assured in the knowledge that it will arrive exactly as you expect and ready for use immediately.

Cheap roll up banners

We couldn’t talk about the benefits of a roll up banner without openly talking about the price. Unlike traditional exhibition stands which cost thousands of pounds, take weeks to manufacture and multiple people to install at events. A roll up banner, even the premium versions we sell at cost less than £100, can be ready for despatch next day and can be carried, installed and taken down by a single person. All within 30 seconds.

If you’re looking to grow your business, retain your current customers and generally increase the awareness of your company, then we recommend you look no further than the roll up banner. We firmly believe they are one of the most versatile pieces of marketing equipment any business can’t purchase. Regardless of the industry arena they are operating in.

For example, if in 2018 your marketing includes the attendance of events and exhibitions, the first tool on your event checklist should always be a roll up banner. Alternatively you may intend to focus on those customers walking through your showroom and again a roll up banner is perfect for capturing awareness and attention in a retail environment.

Roll up banner design

If you need assistance with roll up banner design or you just want to check specifications before sending us your print ready artwork, our customer service team will be delighted to help you. We have 8 experienced and skilled graphic designers who cumulatively have designed thousands of roller banners for businesses all over the country.

Alternatively if you have print ready artwork and want to proceed directly to print, then you can order to a roller banner online by clicking this link.