What to look out for in a cheap roller banner

Roller banners are one of our favourite marketing products at kaizenprint.co.uk. Their ability to make an impact on any business by displaying high quality graphics with a view to promoting your products and services is huge. This product is popular among businesses, charities and community groups all across the country because of their low cost and large ability to attract the right type of attention.

There are certain signs of a cheap roller banner we urge you to look for before committing to buy. If the price looks to good to be true, then it usually is. Below we’ve outlined a few of the most common signs of a cheap roller banner, so you can make an informed decision when buying online or from your local large format printing company

Print quality

With print technology at such an advanced level, it’s very hard to have a bad print run. Certainly this can happen from time to time, but most commonly the artwork is the cause of the print issue. Other than that, the print company might be saving money on the physical artwork checks that would prevent the banner being printed perfectly. The printers may be stretching their consumables and close to the end of their lives certain print elements may degrade in quality causing less than perfect prints. These cost saving measures can increase the margins, keeping banners cheap.

Cheap mechanisms

There are cheap roller banner mechanisms for sale worldwide and it’s almost on a daily basis suppliers invite us to try their latest and more cost effective roller banner mechanisms. For over 8 years we’ve stayed loyal to one supplier as their roller banner mechanisms have proven more effective, better quality and longer lasting. The components are much sturdier and this gives the banner a much more solid foundation.

When comparing roller banner systems check that the banner doesn’t lean or tilt forward. Also check the quality of the carrier bag supplies with the system. These elements are just the visible signs of cheap roller banners, without delving into the inner workings of the mechanism.

Poor quality materials

We print our roller banners onto a vinyl film specifically designed for roller banners. This hard wearing tear proof banner material is the best product we have ever found for roller banners. It’s may be the most expensive but it’s the best and will ensure your prints are vibrant and in great shape for the very long term. Many of those who are printing cheap roller banners use the material to cut costs. Some roller banner printers go to the absolute extreme and print on to paper and laminate that before applying to the mechanisms. This is a terrible use for many reasons, but mainly:

  • No lightstop ability
  • Lack of print integrity
  • Quality of finish

As you can see, there are a number of signs that your roller banner may not be of a quality you’d expect. Unfortunately when buying online it’s not easy to qualify the quality of the materials and so by using our guide, you’ll be able to make an educated and informed decision on which roller banner printing company to use and those to avoid.

If you need any help at all in choosing a roller banner for your business, our customer service team will only be too happy to assist with your enquiries. We’d love to help with orders small and large. We can print, finish and despatch hundreds of roller banners a week, so no order is to big or too small.