Making posters in powerpoint

Our very first foray into digital printing came with the purchase of our Large Format Printer. This machine not only had the capability of printing up to A0 posters but also started us on our road to being one of the most valued roller banner printers across the UK & Ireland. A0 posters are one of the most common posters we print. Used within nightclubs, estate agency windows, as medical posters or to put within their winemaster signage, A0 posters are extremely versatile and due to their size, extremely effective in generating awareness for your project. Many of our clients require posters for single events or campaigns and while we would always suggest engaging a design agency, we appreciate that this is not always suitable or possible. today we’ve pulled together a few words of note and a little tutorial to help you when designing A0 posters in powerpoint. It’s key to remember the following points as these will ensure you get the best quality print in the most timely manner possible. As always, we’re here to help, so if you need any assistance or want to chat about your printing, please just drop us a message via the contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

Designing your poster in powerpoint

There are 5 steps to designing your poster in powerpoint. 1) Set up your artboard correctly Designers always work on the correct size of artboard for their project. A list of common paper sizes and their corresponding measurements is available at By setting up your artboard correctly, your text should never look pixelated and you will get a true representation of the quality of the images input into the design. To do this, go to Page Set up and adjust the page size. 2) Less is more If you are designing a medical poster, then we understand that the content is paramount. We appreciate that the text is to be read up close, but remember those reviewing your work may not have perfect eyesight and so its best to choose an appropriate font size. 3) Keep text and images away from the edges For normal A0 poster printing we recommend a 3mm safe zone on the inside of the page. However when designing in powerpoint, please push this out to 6mm+. Each poster is hand trimmed and so we can work with your design, but if logos or text are right to the edge, then we have nowhere to trim without cutting your work. 4) Bleed…..what’s that? Don’t worry about it in this instance. We hand trim each poster, so as long as you keep your text away fro the edges and your artboard is the right size, we can work with your artwork. 5) Saving your document Unfortunately working across different operating systems means that if you supply a .pptx file, we can open it, but the likelihood is elements will change. We only accept powerpoint poster files that have been saved out as pdf’s. To do this go to Save as and change the format to pdf. If you want a rough guide to checking the quality of the print from your pdf. Open the pdf and zoom into 300%. Check any images or logos you have imported into your document. After that, place an order for your A0 poster printing and upload your artwork. We’ll do the rest.