10 business ideas to start at home

Starting your own business seems one of the most daunting tasks ever, but it needn’t be. Many of our clients work from a laptop in their spare bedroom and even Kaizen Print itself was founded at a kitchen table. With the right skills and a lot of determination you can create your own business tomorrow. Better yet, you can start it today. Here’s our top ten 10 Business Ideas you can start from home.


  1. Blogger
    What’s great to see over the past few years is that the local blogger scene around Belfast really has come into it’s own. We have fashion blogs, food blogs and design blogs that are informing and educations thousands of readers a day. Setting a blog up is as easy as heading over to wordpress.org and putting in some details, though we’d always recommend transitioning to your own website hosting and personalised domain name as the business grows. Bloggers commonly become copywriters for other websites and provide plenty of value beyond their own website.
  2. Freelance Assistant
    Using fiverr.com or upwork.com you can sell your time and services to businesses and people around the world who need your skill set. If you work in PR by day, why not sell your time at night creating press releases or creating event marketing schedules. These valuable services are marketable and in demand by businesses looking to outsource different company functions.
  3. Painter / Decorator
    Meticulously detailed and fussy about finishes? Then a painter / decorator might be a perfect business for you. Think about how you can better serve customers and make these the focus or unique selling point on your marketing materials.
  4. Tutor
    While mainly seasonal, tutors are in great demand across all facets of education and hobbies. We work with gardeners who teach their skills to groups of children. We also work with math tutors who focus at degree level assistance. Regardless of your area of experience, there may be groups or individuals looking to grow their knowledge in that area and willing to pay for your time.
  5. Graphic Designer / Plumber / Tiler
    Almost any skill set that is transferable and so you may be able to provide that service within your own area, outside of your 9-5 employment. Taking your day job and making a part-time / evening / weekend business is usually the first step many entrepreneurs have on their business journey.
  6. Etsy / Ebay Seller
    We work with business people all across the UK & Ireland who’s core business is selling their products on eBay and Etsy. Some manufacture jewellery, others provide printed versions of their art. All have success in that they are offering unique products that can be created on order and so with little outlay and cost to the business owner. Many of our clients start on Esty and eBay before approaching retail clients as the business grows.
  7. Voice Over Actor
    Due to the need for a diverse range of voices from all demographics, all of the production companies and radio stations we work with outsource their voice work for adverts and production stings. Recording sample adverts and creating a showreel shouldn’t be expensive with current computing technology.
  8. Window Cleaner
    A bucket, some water and possibly some flyers is all you need to get started as a window cleaner. Start with friends and family and as you finish one home, knock the next door down and ask if they also would like their windows cleaned. Door to door selling like this isn’t easy but can be extremely rewarding over time.
  9. Virtual Assistant
    Being a virtual assistant means working remotely from the company employing your services. This could be a company across the road or one in Sydney. It is independent of location and as a result you can be too. A virtual assistant is one of the most suitable jobs digital nomads undertake on their journey. Task Rabbit is a great way to get started on this as you can manage small tasks across a wide variety of skills including shopping…..
  10. Drop Shipping
    Drop shipping is achieved by providing goods by direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer. In essence you never see or touch the goods you are selling. With the advent of sites like Alibaba.com drop shipping has become a major opportunity for those looking to start a business.

We love helping start ups take their business idea and create companies. Our experience across many different business sectors gives us an unrivalled experience and knowledge base.

If you are planning to start your business and want any advice, do get in touch. We’d love to help.