Effective Brochure Design

A well designed marketing brochure is one of the most versatile and effective marketing options used by businesses to inform clients of their products or services.

Produced with the help of a designer a brochure can be impressive and the fact alone that you took the time and effort to produce it displays an image of professionalism and authority that your customer can appreciate.

Not only does a brochure allow you to provide a great deal of information which you can’t achieve with a smaller postcard, or flyer. You also gain the opportunity to include photography, charts and even sales forms or coupons to engage readers and communicate more effectively.

To help you nail your brochure design, here are some key elements to focus on when designing your brochure;

Effective Brochure Design – our key elements

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Choose your content carefully

A brochure is a perfect place to introduce new services or products and explain existing offerings.

Whatever service or product it is that you offer, you no doubt will have more ideas than you can feasibly fit into a brochure.

At Kaizen Print we see clients wanting to throw the kitchen sink at their brochure. But to be effective it’s important to have a focused message, which brings us to our next point.

Plan ahead for best results

Before you start any brochure design project, the most important thing to do is plan. You may be under pressure to to hit a deadline, but designing your brochure without a ultra clear purpose is a mistake.

You’ll need take your time and make some tough calls to achieve your most streamlined and effective final product.

The Elements of effective brochure design

Now that we broadly understand what makes for a great brochure, what are the specific elements that make for a great brochure?

A great cover

Your cover is the most important page in your brochure!

Rightly or wrongly, everyone judges books by their covers and the same goes for brochures.

If your brochure doesn’t compel your client to pick it up and read further then it has failed in its number one purpose.

Use space effectively

Effective use of space within your brochure will help sell your products and services. Remember it’s not the quantity of information that makes a good brochure, its the quality of that content.

By using a variety of imagery, data displayed through charts or infographics and written content you can clearly communicate your message to educate your customers.

Brochure Design Printing | Kaizen Print

Organise your content for reader flow

Your objective is to make it as easy for your audience to read and understand your message within as little time as is feasibly possible.

A good structure using colour and design will help guide your reader and prevent confusion.

Use Engaging Photography

One of the key advantages of using brochures is the opportunity to use imagery. They don’t just add eye catching appeal to the design they are also highly effective sources of information.

Your photos must be high quality and sell your products and services in their best light. 

Ready to get started on your Brochure Design?

The effective and simple use of a printed brochure is an excellent tool to add to your marketing strategy. They are easy to use and affordable for any business to consider using.

Kaizen Print produce effective brochure designs in a wife range of different sizes and formats. Contact us today to see how our design team can help you!