Print is dead, Long live print!

You have heard it for years that print is no longer effective as a marketing tool in this digital age. We disagree! Leaflet printing is among the most effective marketing mediums you can undertake as a business owner or marketer. Handing out leaflets or distributing them door-to-door get your message far and wide, in an extremely cost-effective manner.

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That said, we have found that poorly designed leaflets can actually do more harm than good in your marketing campaign. A well designed leaflet can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy tenfold. Today’s blog post is from our marketing team, who are providing their top tips to ensure your leaflet printing and distribution achieves all you want it to.

1. Great design sells, fact!

A leaflet must appeal to its potential customers. How often have you seen badly designed leaflet and thought nothing else, except to put it in the recycling bin. Using an experience design team, you can describe the style of flyer you want, the type of business you want to attract and what you like and don’t like. All of which will help craft the perfect design for you and to attract new customers. Remember that a leaflet is not a salesperson, its purpose is to generate awareness and to entice people to visit your website or your store. Keep your message short and information concise. Using attractive images will engage people so much more and text only leaflet.

2. Don’t skimp on leaflet quality

If you run a takeaway or sell products with a value of less than £10 then you can get away with a very thin paper for your leaflets, however as the value of your product and services increases, how you present yourself to your customer base Will vary drastically. As a general rule a middle of the road 170gsm paper in either silk or gloss finish would be a suitable purchases for the majority of businesses, however if you’re positioning your products and services as luxury or indeed they are valued at over £500, then it would be our recommendation to use a heavy 350gsm card stock when appropriate.

Remember, that print is just a medium, design is what sells. See point 1!

3. Distribution is key

If you been in business long enough you will no doubt have heard the horror stories of door-to-door distribution companies taking customers print and doing anything but delivering it. You want to have faith in the company who is providing this service and so check their policies for managing their staff and the areas within which they distribute the leaflets. A good door to door distribution company will have no issue whatsoever in disclosing the management practices.

4. Monitoring the response

With the knowledge that your leaflets are in safe hands, it’s now time to think about monitoring the response. Regardless of whether or not are using leaflet printing, design and distribution, you should already be in the practice of asking each customer who phones or visits your shop, how they heard about your services and products.

Remind your staff that this is an important part of their role and it should be commonplace for them to prompt the customers on this matter. You can only effectively monitor campaign when the right information is recorded and delivered back to you by your team.

If you need advice on high quality leaflet printing at affordable prices, then get in touch with our Customer Service team. We’re always available on 028 9002 2474 or on email via the contact form.