Kaizen Weddings – Autumn/Winter Stationery Ideas

You can feel it in the air, that slight and sometimes not so slight change and coolness in the air. Autumn is arriving and in Northern Ireland, winter is never too far behind. However, despite the sudden want to just stay inside with the warmth, this time of year is often great for weddings. There is so much you can do in terms of set up and how you can style everything, and this begins with your wedding stationery. Within this article today we are going to take a look at some of the ideas for stationery that could sit very well within these autumn and winter months!


To begin with we will take a look at the colour choices that could be incorporated into your wedding stationery and your ideas and inspiration really aren’t far away! All you have to do is take a look around during Autumn, at the leaves on the trees, the beginnings of bonfires, Halloween and fireworks and there is your inspiration. Think of the colours that come with all of this. The deep greens, the dark oranges, yellows and reds, we all know what colours there are. But they bring with them feelings too. Feelings of warmth, huddled around a bonfire at Halloween. Feelings of joy, as we dunk for apples and watch the sparklers. Feelings of joy, as we talk long walks through forests with loved ones, the autumn leaves crunching beneath our feet. And it is these feelings that you want to capture at your autumn wedding, reminding everyone of the season around them and the reason why they are all there on your special day.

Once you have all of your colours worked out, it is time to start thinking about what paper type you are going to choose, for the likes of your Save the Dates, RSVPs and Wedding Invitations. For this, we highly recommend that you choose Kraft paper. The reasoning behind this, is due to it already have that vintage and rustic Autumn feel. Our Kraft paper is perfect for this type of wedding stationery due to their earthy, organic feel, which will tie in really well with the season in which you are getting married and also the colours that you have chosen to compliment this.

The last thing that we can look at for wedding stationery, is the illustrations and typography you can use to compliment the rest of the design. With illustrations you can choose to keep it quite simple and minimalist, perhaps choosing from the same inspiration as your colour and having leaves decorating your stationery? This would be an excellent way to incorporate your colour choices into your design, as each of the leaves could be a different colour, with the text being all one colour, such as black to make it really stand out against the Kraft Paper. Alternatively you could increase the amount of illustrations that are on the stationery and put something that you enjoy from the autumn season, such as a couple walking among the leaves. Again, this would be a great way to incorporate your colours, while also giving it a more personal touch.


Winter wedding stationery brings something very different to that of autumn wedding stationery, but it is certainly no less exciting to design. Following the same pattern as the autumn section, we will begin by looking at the colour choices that could be used for winter themed wedding stationery. Similarly to the autumn stationery you can find the inspiration for your colour scheme in things that you might associate with winter, like holly wreaths, ice and snow, frosted whites, different colours of blue that might reflect the early evening sky on a clear winter’s night or perhaps shimmering silvers and golds representative of fairytales and enchanted winter weddings . With this selection of colours there is an awful lot you can do, either choosing to follow a more conventional route or choosing to be a little bit more eccentric. With the colours and design, you want to give off that winter feeling with you wedding stationery. That when people receive your save the dates and wedding invites, they will feel like they are being invited to a fairytale wedding, filled with enchantment and wonder. Use your wedding stationery to bring forward and give a glimpse of the wedding day, letting people in on what the final theme and design of the day will be.

Based on the colour scheme that you have chosen, there are a few different types of card stock that you go choose from for your wedding stationery. To begin with we have Frost White card stock. This, along with Silk card stock, would be perfect if you are aiming to go for the elegant and simple design choices. Frosted White gives off a very crisp and clean finish, with a high contrast in colour. As well as this it adds a textured ripple effect, giving a very subtle hint of that extra something, but also keeping the elegant and simple look. If you are looking to add a little bit more of a finish and design to your wedding invitations then Pearlised cardstock would be the choice for you. Pearlised card is perfect if you want to add a little bit of colour to your wedding stationery without actually adding it, as the card itself shimmers and changes colour ever so slightly depending on the light it is in.

Finally it is time to look at the illustrations and typography which you could incorporate into your wedding stationer, to really give it that enchanted, winter feel. A great choice we always find is to go with calligraphy fonts. This is something that is going to bring in further that feel of enchantment and elegance. It doesn’t have to be done in any mad colours either, as simple black will often do, looking great but also standing out against the white card background and whatever other colours you may have chosen to accent this. However, golds would also be a nice touch here, offering something a little different than the black, but also keeping it legible. As far as illustrations go, again it depends on the way that you want your wedding stationery to look. For example if you would like to keep it simple and minimalist, then you have the option to not include any illustrations at all, just letting the card and the typography do all the work for you. However, if you would like to include illustrations, then it would be better to keep them simple, such as simple trees or perhaps simple flourishes decorating the card in colours of gold, green or even red. However, if you have decided that you would like more detail in your wedding stationery, then you could perhaps take the same idea from the Autumn stationery, by having two people drawn on the front, for example on your invitations. This way you get the extra detail without it being too much, and also get a more personal touch.

We hope that you have found this article helpful in providing some ideas for your Autumn or Winter wedding stationery. If you are in need of design or printing services for your wedding stationery, please do not hesitate to give our tea, here at Kaizen Weddings a call on 028 9002 2474 or send them an email via our contact form, as they will be more than happy to help!