How to Design a Letterhead: A Complete Guide

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No matter, what kind of business you are running either big or small, you must have a good and attractive letterhead. The letterheads often look really simple but designing one is actually a very tricky and difficult task. 

Letterhead Printing

Through this article, we will help you out by explaining to you the exact process under which you can create a professional letterhead printing for your business. In order to create a professional letterhead, you must know the exact things that are important for you to include in your business letterhead. 

Important information to include in your letterhead

It is true, that you must be having a lot of ideas about the information that you would like to include in your letterhead. But, on the other hand, there are certain legal obligations that are a must for you to adhere to at the time you are designing your letterhead. 

As there will be certain legal information, which will be compulsory for you to add in the letterhead of your business. The information will definitely be going to vary on how your business is set up such as sole proprietorship, partnership, or a limited company, etc. 

Here are certain things that you must include at the time of designing a letterhead: 

If you are running a sole proprietorship business

  • It is very important for you to mention your own name. 
  • Make sure that you include your business name. 
  • Try adding your business address as well as it is one of the most important things. 
  • If you are having your VAT number registered. 

If you are running a partnership business

  • The name of each and every partner that is in the business. 
  • Your business address 
  • Your business name 
  • If you have registered your VAT number, make sure that you include it in your letterhead. 

If you are having a limited company

  • Make sure that you provide your full legal company’s name. 
  • Your registration number if have any. 
  • The address of your companies registered office
  • Your VAT number
  • All the details of any registered profession you are a member of. 

Although, these are the things that are obligated to include in your letterhead. But, there are few other pieces of information that you’ll probably like to add in your letterhead. It is very important for you to understand, that your letterheads will be used to write the personal correspondence to your clients, suppliers and many more.

After reading everything that you want to convey to them, they would definitely like to get in touch with you by asking you various types of questions and ask you everything that they did not fully understand. 

Your basic information should be added to your businessletterhead printingso that your clients do not have to worry about the way, they should get in contact with you. Make sure that you try to be very precise in everything you write on your letterhead. 

There are various other things that you would like to add to your letterhead such as

  • It is very important for you to add your telephone number’s in your letterhead so that it becomes very easy for your clients to contact you anywhere and anytime. 
  • You must provide your e-mail address 
  • If you are having a particular logo for your business, make sure that you put your logo design on to your letterhead, as it is one of the best ways to promote your business. 
  • It will be really good if you will give your website address on your letterhead. 
  • Specify the social media website you are on in order to show your social profiles to your clients. 

Here are some of the tips that you can use in creating your own personal letterhead design for your business:  

Try creating a beautiful border for your letterhead

There is no doubt, that printing technology has evolved at a very fast pace over the last couple of years. And now you will be able to find the best and high quality, along with the full-color printing as it is adding great value whether you are opting for the professional printing services or the home printer. 

Many online printing services are there who are experts in providing professional services to there clients and Kaizen Print is one of them. We would recommend you to hire kaizen print, printing services in order to get the professional-looking letterhead for your business. 

It will be amazing if you will add different colors as it will really add the stand-out element to your letterhead design and on the other hand, it will definitely catch the attention of your readers. Try to create the letterhead in a professional style in order to attract the people towards your business. 

Creative touch with a header

If you are planning to have a heavy header on your letterhead it will look more traditional in style. 

If your company has a logo or you have a signature, the header across the top of the layout will be the best place to showcase it.

So, if you want to create a memorable brand for your business you are in need to look for your application as it should be eye-catchy and a simple header will prove to be a good style to go for.