How To Create Artwork for Window Graphics

If you are looking for another effective way to market to your customers directly from your business, then window graphics can be a great solution for you. Contravision vinyl printing is an ideal method that transforms your window into a billboard, and still lets you see outside! 

Having this secret extra marketing tool right on your business’s door means customers will always pass by and know exactly who you are and what you offer. That’s why the artwork used in the window graphics is so crucial if you want to put across the right message. 

Lucozade Sport Window Graphics

How should you go about creating artwork for your window graphics? We share a few steps below.  

Create Your Design 

The first thing you will need to do is decide what exactly you want to put on your window. Do you simply want to write a marketing slogan on behalf of your business? Or present some of the latest services or deals that you offer? Whatever it is you want to present, you should dedicate some time to narrowing it down to the most powerful, and effective design you can think of. The more attractive and engaging your content is, the more people will remember it.  

Make Sure It Stands Out 

Once you have the ideal design in mind and have the content ready, it’s time to make it look good! It’s important to use vivid colouring in order to catch people’s attention as they pass by your business. Therefore, try to work with colour wheels and look for the most attractive colour patterns, as well as the latest trends – not forgetting to keep your design in tune with your overall brand. 

Make Use Of Design Software 

To create the final designs, using professional programs can be very helpful. Programs such as InDesign or Illustrator, for example, can be an excellent option when it comes to drawing up the final designs. This program allows you to make use of special tools and features, which will give you a more professional looking artwork.  

Use a Template 

If you tend to struggle in the artwork department and would prefer to use a design that is pre-made, you can always shop for templates to help you out. Similarly, if you require some help in creating the initial design for your window graphics, here at Kaizen Print we provide an award-winning Graphic Design service. Therefore you can count on our professional to do all the design work for you! 

Looking to have your window graphics printed too? We provide excellent Contravision Vinyl Printing that is perfect for a number of different uses. Our special window film allows 80% of light through whilst still providing full coverage on the outside. Whether it be for your shop window, a vehicle or something more, we have something to suit you. 

If you have any questions about our products and services, then feel free to get in touch and a dedicated Design and Print professional will be more than happy to help you: 028 9002 2474