How effective are Presentation Folders

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Presentation Folders are one of the mainstays within businesses, whether they are being brought to meetings, conferences or internally to hold company policies. However, aside from this just how effective can Presentation folders be? Within this article we are going to look at exactly that, hoping to give you a little more insight and knowledge on the subject, so you can begin utilising them in your business. 

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The Effectiveness of Presentation Folders

  • Organised and Professional 
  • First impressions
  • Cost effective
  • Second Looks
  • Your personal brand messenger

Organised and Professional 

Presentation Folders have a manner of different uses in businesses, such as when going into a meeting with an important client, giving an internal presentation or perhaps when sending information packs to your customers. However, one thing that is a constant no matter what they are used for? They immediately make you and your business look organised and professional. Imagine if you were handed a bunch of sheets in a meeting and that was it? All dog-eared and crumpled. How would you view both the person and the business? In an unprofessional manner and probably not someone that you would want to do business with. However, if that company handed you a high quality presentation folder, you would immediately think more or them and someone you want to be associated with. 

First Impressions

Aside from the good first impression that you will give to potential business parents and clients, what about your customers? The ones who buy your products. They need to know that they are buying from a credible business, someone that cares about how they look in their market. Presentation Folders are a great way to do this. For example, perhaps you have a sample pack that you send out to customers, including a brochure of products and some samples of them. Putting these in a Presentation Folder to be sent will look great, as they can see you care about what your customers think and also want to take care of the products that you are sending to them

Cost Effective

Presentation Folders are a cost effective way to advertise. Here at Kaizen Print you can order 500 for just £356, so they aren’t going to break the bank. However that is 500 different cases of your brand being seen by different people, whether they are at a conference, you have left some behind at a meeting or you just happen to be out and about with one in your hand, you don’t know how many people they will catch the eye of. But also due to the durability of them and the 2 types that you can buy, it means you won’t constantly have to replace them. As long as you are happy with the way that they look, a large number of Presentation Folders can last you a few years. 

Second Looks

When you bring a printout of your presentation to a meeting, you will more often than not leave it behind, in the hope that those you were meeting with will give it a second look once you are gone. By using a presentation folder, the chances of this happening increases exponentially. If it was just a few sheets of paper, someone might take a quick look at it and throw it away. However if it is in a high quality presentation folder, with your branding, they are going to stop and take notice. Again, it shows the professionalism of your business and those looking will have the chance to read what you have to say on their own, giving them more personal time to go over everything. 

Your very own messenger

Expanding one a point that was mentioned in the previous paragraph, when someone — whether you, an employee or client — is carrying around your presentation folder, you have no idea just how many people are going to see it. Your brand and message is being spread without any real intention, which is always good and exactly what you want. 

There you have it, 5 ways that Presentation Folders are effective in the workplace and even outside of it. We hope that this article has been informative and given you the push you need to begin using them in your business.