How can well designed and printed  gift vouchers  benefit your business

If your business is not currently offering gift vouchers then you could be missing a BIG opportunity. It goes without saying that word of mouth is critical for your business. So, what better way to offer your customers a means of sharing your brand and product, than by offering your customers a beautifully designed gift voucher? 

Happy customers love to share their positive experience of your brand with their friends and family. And by offering gift vouchers you are essentially providing a physical and permanent means of ensuring that this word of mouth results in a tangible connection with your brand.  

Rather than being that recommendation that slips the mind after a coffee and a catch up between friends, a gift voucher not only provides a solution to your customer’s “what can I buy Sandra” headache, it will also open the door to a whole group of people just waiting to fall in love with your brand and everything it has to offer.  

So how can a well-designed and printed gift voucher help to spread the word and get people on side with you and your brand? Well, as with any gift, half the pleasure is in the presentation. As with the beautifully wrapped present, or the card with just the right message on it, the gift voucher is all part of that special gift giving presentation.  

You wouldn’t fold up an A4 piece of paper and scrawl happy birthday on the inside, so why simply offer a gift receipt? A gift voucher with a quirky or interesting message, looks attractive, and that is consistent and smart in its design and branding really puts your best foot forward before you have even met your customer in waiting.  

While you might think that the humble gift voucher exists in a close and tightknit circle within your customer base, there is no reason to think that your gift voucher is also not another important advertising touchpoint for your brand. Friends and relatives love to say thank you for their gifts by posting pictures online, and, a clever, funny or attractive gift voucher is of course all the more likely to be shared to this wider audience.  

Want to boost awareness of your gift vouchers? Send out a post via your social media channels or by email to let your loyal customers know that they can share their love of your brand. Again, a gift voucher design that stops your audience from scrolling, will only enhance engagement with you and your business.  

So if you really want to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression, then a beautifully designed and produced gift voucher can make the difference. It is your new customer’s first insight into you and your brand, and is a critical part of the whole experience for them – so make sure that you make it feel special when they open up that card!.  

In business, it can be the little details that really make the difference. At Kaizen Print we know the difference high quality and beautifully designed printed assets can make to your sales and our expert design and production team ensure only the very highest standards for each and every one of our customers. 

At Kaizen Print we specialise in the design and production of printed materials for businesses like yours. For more information on how to create beautiful gift vouchers for your customers check out our gift vouchers page.  

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