A Guide to Creating Hair Salon Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a great way to bring in new customers to your business, and although many salons don’t appreciate their potential, gift vouchers are a very effective way to increase sales as well as marketing opportunities. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a treat to a relaxing hair treatment and pampering?  

Unfortunately, gift cards don’t sell themselves, and if there is a lack of effort into making them look fabulous, and putting them out there – they might not provide your business the results it truly deserves. 

However, if you take the time to create them in the right way, they might just bring in the extra business you need! 

Your Vouchers Should Represent Your Salon 

First things first, if your vouchers don’t coordinate with your brand, you will probably have less success with them. Perhaps you have a brand new, beautifully designed salon that includes a modern look to it? Your vouchers should also incorporate this very look as they too are part of your sales process.  

Make Them Eye-Catching 

Your vouchers will be representing your business. Therefore, if you want it to be remembered, you will want to make them stand out from the crowd. In order to do so, make sure to use vibrant colours and striking designs and patterns that will flatter your business. In the creation stage, you should really try to get as creative as possible. 

Perhaps you are not much of a designer? Then look for a good graphic designer who will help you to realize your ideal design. Here at Kaizen Print we also offer a bespoke design service from a team of professional experts in the business who will guarantee a design to suit your brand. 

Promotion is Key 

Together with the design, the way you promote your gift vouchers is crucial to them having success. With such a small amount of space to showcase your treatments, be sure to choose your marketing words carefully. We recommend to focus on the main benefits for the customer receiving the voucher and try word them as attractively as possible. 

High Visibility 

Once you have your perfect card, it’s time to put it out there. When it comes to their presence in the salon: you should place them on the main counter and in front of customers. On your website, you make sure to have them present and even include them in email marketing to clients, especially around special holidays like Mother’s day, Valentine’s as well as Christmas. 

At Kaizenprint, we can help you out with the creation of your unique salon gift vouchers. To view our gift voucher for salons service click here. With a large quantity to choose from, you can count on us for all your gift card needs. 

If you require any help with the design process, or just have a simple question, then feel free to get in touch and a dedicated Design and Print professional will be happy to help you028 9002 2474