Folded Flyer Options for the New Dawn

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It’s been two long years for everyone and especially for businesses.  However, things are starting to look up.  While we may be a bit off from ever being back to what we thought of as normal, some hope is on the horizon.  Restrictions look to be getting relaxed.  Before we know it, spring will arrive.  Events will return.  People will be eager to get out for some eating.  In addition, a flurry of eager patrons will be greeted with new products or services to usher in the new dawn.  Businesses should be ready to attract as many of these eager eyes.  Customers indeed are hungry for something new if only to be something different.  Therefore, a folded flyer is a crucial start in getting your message out to these people.  Entice with a new menu, a fun event or whatever product you have with a strikingly designed folded flyer.

Why Use a Folded Flyer?

Flyers are used to convey messages to existing and potential customers.  The folded flyer has so many functional uses in businesses and organisations.  A single flyer page can get one marketing message across.  However, a folded flyer opens new dimensions to what you can message out.  Suddenly you have gone from one to four pages with potential for four different messages!  Therefore, businesses are able to promote events, products or services in an enticing and engaging manner.  The folded flyer is most commonly used as a sales brochure, a take away menu, a greeting card or an event flyer.  However, this is only a few of the potential opportunities.

Folded Flyer Kaizen Print

Folded Flyer Options at Kaizen Print

Here at Kaizen Print, a high-quality and affordable printer based out of Belfast, we have a variety of folded flyer options.  They come in a variety of sizes to suit your business.  If your flyer idea is of a more bespoke design, get in touch with our Belfast printing team.  Our experts will be more than happy to assist you with your plans.

Before proceeding it is best to keep a tip in mind for best formatting practice.  Keep your flyer simple with limited, but concise, text.  Use big lettering or a bold font type to keep your messaging organised and memorable.  This also assists the recipient with the flow, therefore making your flyer easier to read.

A5 Folded Flyer

Our A5 folded flyer can accommodate almost any business need.  Cocktail menus, comment cards or golf cards are some examples of the popular uses of these smaller flyers.  However, don’t be fooled by their small stature.  Their impact is mighty.

Our A5 folded flyers are folded to an A6 size.  Therefore, they are the perfect size for folded leaflets that are to be positioned on desks, tables and countertops.  This printed size would be the most commonly used for short run marketing campaigns.

We print these in paper weights at a range of 130 – 350gsm.  However, please note that all print 300gsm and over is creased and laid out flat rather than folded.  In addition, you can choose either uncoated, gloss or silk paper options.

A4 Folded Flyer

Our A4 folded flyers are an ideal option for many businesses.  Most commonly, they are used as takeaway menus.  However, they are also brilliant as sales brochures, marketing leaflets, price lists or corporate presenters.

Similar to the A5 folded flyer, we offer paper weights in a range of 130 – 350gsm.  In addition, we have similar paper type options: Uncoated, Gloss or Silk.  These folders are offered in a one-fold or two-fold option.  However, again any print 300gsm and over is shipped creased and laid flat rather than folded.

A3 Folded Flyer

Our A3 folded flyers are the perfect size for sales presenters, company brochures, price lists and extensive takeaway menus.  They are printed on your choice of silk or gloss paper stocks in weights up to 350gsm.

Flyer Printing at Kaizen Print

At Kaizen Print, our folded flyer printing is affordable.  In addition, we offer practical minimum order quantities so you won’t break your budget.

Folded flyer printing is easy to produce.  We offer turnaround in as little as one business day so you won’t have to feel it’s too late if you need your printing done fast.

Our folded flyer printing is a great vehicle to highlight and advertise your product or service.  However, they can also be used to offer the recipient an incentive.  A coupon or coupon code for use online or in person is an effective way to entice potential customers.  In addition, it extends the life of your flyer and therefore, keeps your brand top of mind.

Get in Touch

At Kaizen Print we have been trusted by businesses and organisations for printing in Belfast for over ten years.  We have printed folded flyers for businesses and organisations in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.

If you would like to discuss your folded flyer design and/or printing needs, please get in touch.  You can speak with our experts by emailing us via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.