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Aside from the health sector, is there another industry that has been more impacted by the pandemic than hospitality?  The sector has been on the forefront of innovation and resilience in the eye of deep societal change.  In addition, the lack of global travellers has impacted all businesses.  The sector has largely had to rely on the generosity of the domestic market.  However, you did it.  And you did it well.  Pivoting at every essential moment has proven your resilience and we salute you.

Things are hopefully about to change.  Northern Ireland has lifted most of the COVID restrictions.  In addition, there is a growing sense that the pandemic is on its way out the door.  Or we’ve all grown sick and tired of being coupled up indoors.  However, the appetite is strong for this sector to get back up running and thriving.  Not only is it important for jobs and local economies, the appetite is real among patrons who are itching to get out of the house and somewhat return to normalcy.  These are our social hubs.  There is no better time for a refresh of materials to market your events, food or offers.  Have your menus, flyers and other promotional items reflect the fresh start we are all about to embark on.  They will pay off immensely in bringing in the business.

Hospitality Event Poster


If there are a couple of activities missed by people of all ages, it would be socialising and dancing.  Our socialising has been largely done via devices and not in physical company.  If it has been in person it has been in such small numbers.  All dancing has been relegated to bedrooms globally.  How many of us even remember how to dance?!  It’s been that long.  However, the nightclub industry will need to lure these forgotten souls with some events tailored to break everyone out of their funk.

A striking poster can be effective in reminding people that they should go out, have fun and dance again.  The poster needs the essentials:  the place, the date and the time.  Any other relevant information should also be present.  You also want your poster to last and stand out.  Therefore, the quality of the print should be a top consideration.  Keep your poster design on brand to avoid disappointed punters.  Anticipation has been high for both workers and patrons, so ensure you attract the appropriate crowd for your event.

Flyers & Leaflets

In addition to the poster to call out your event, a flyer and leaflet campaign can work in tandem with an online campaign.  While flyers may seem to be a thing of the past, the reality is they are still an effective tool to keep awareness top of mind.

A flyer and leaflet campaign is not limited to nightclubs or events.  Advertise the launch of your new menu or hot item added to your drink offerings.  Hotels can utilise flyers or leaflets to advertise a return to Afternoon Teas or a special social evening in their event rooms.

Design considerations for your flyer should echo the poster.  Keep your messaging concise with all the necessary information.  Your flyer shouldn’t provoke questions, they should promote action.  In addition, they should be easy to read.  Bold the important elements and ensure information flows in a way that makes sense for the reader.

Restaurant Menus

Whether you are a hotel or a restaurant, you have had to pivot many times during the pandemic.  Whether it be only offering takeaway, a simplified menu or just running everything with limited staff, you have done your best to keep your business thriving.  Therefore, your menu may have had to undergo a transformation.  With new food offering should come a fresh and exciting new menu design.

At Kaizen Print we have a range of restaurant menu printing available.  If you are a takeaway or offering a fine dine-in experience, our menu options will suit your needs.  We were founded on the same principles hospitality holds so close; Quality and service.  Therefore, we are focused on creating striking menus for your restaurant, pub, café, club or event.

In addition, your establishment is still going to come across some who prefer to remain contactless.  However, there is an easy solve for this potential problem, the QR Code or NFC Menu discs.  This is convenient for your customer to access your menu, event listing or anything else just by using their phone.

Counter Displays

While posters and flyers can do the work externally to draw patrons through your door, a nice counter display can draw attention to current patrons.  If you want to call focus to a special cocktail, themed-menu night or list upcoming events, a table-tent card or strut card will do the work.  They can be placed on tables or bar tops.  Therefore, they are up and close to your patrons.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with Kaizen Print

For the hospitality sector, congratulations on making it through some tough times.  You have shown some real resilience in the face of immense pressure.  Many of us are looking forward to putting it all behind us.  Everybody is anticipating a great time.  Make the most of your return and attract the most patrons back.  A fresh start begins with fresh materials.

At Kaizen Print we have been providing top quality, cost-effective printing for hospitality in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  We have been in the business for over 10 years so we know how to make your business a success.

If you are looking for a fresh start, get in touch with our experts who will be happy to work with you, whatever your needs.  Contact us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.