Foamex Printing – The Perfect Long-Term Signage

If you have been wondering what Foamex is all about, you are not alone.  The name has been cropping up when mention of advertising alternatives come up.  The short of it is that Foamex is a foam board that features a high quality smooth finish.  Let’s dig further into this printing phenomenon and see why businesses use it as a preferred way to get their message out.

Foamex refers to the plastic board fitted with self-adhesive vinyl.  It is the perfect product for your long term internal marketing needs and point of sale materials.  In addition, while suitable for long term indoor use, Foamex printing is quite durable and is a viable option for outdoor use.

Foamex Restaurant Menu

Advantages of Foamex Printing

There are some important advantages to Foamex sign printing.  Let’s look at why this versatile signage has become so popular.

Easily Acquires Any Shape

Foamex has flexible attributes and can easily bend to whatever shape.  In other words, if you require signage that is creative and in need of acquiring a unique shape, Foamex can accommodate your bespoke design.


Marketing budgets are quite firm and in some cases very limited.  There is little to no wiggle room for overspending.  The pricing of your marketing boards shouldn’t overwhelm your budget.  Some other popular boards used for marketing such as Dibond, MDF, wood and others can be very expensive.  Foamex board is the cheaper option without sacrificing quality.  In addition, they can last for three to five years indoors.  Therefore, they are an affordable and cost-effective material to utilise for your internal advertising.

Easily Mountable

Installing Foamex sign boards is simple and free of any hassle.  Whether you are drilling holes, fixing to walks, utilising poles or Velcro, your board will easily accommodate.  Therefore, there is no need for additional specific tooling to mount your sign.

Foamex Can Be Easily Cut

Customers are opting for the unique size and shape of Foamex board printing to get noticed and to suit their budget.  It is a versatile material that can be transformed easily into almost any shape or size.  Therefore, it is the smart choice for businesses that want a unique look to their boards.  Their versatility adds to their cost-effectiveness.

Lighter Than Other Boards

One of the reasons Foamex is so popular is the light weight.  Therefore, it is quite easy to transport and mount your sign.  You can easily take down and reinstall no matter your location.  This makes it so popular with travelling meal trucks or carts.  If you are a vendor selling items or assigning seating at a conference, you can transport your sign with little fuss to wherever you next destination is.

High Quality

Last but definitely not least, Foamex is top notch in terms of quality.  Distinguishable features include being fade-resistant and providing full colour print.

Foamex Printing at Kaizen Print

Here at Kaizen Print we specialise in large format printing for businesses in Belfast, Omagh, Enniskillen and throughout Northern Ireland.  Our Foamex Printing is one of our best printing options.  In addition, it is one of our most popular.  It is your perfect long term indoor advertising solution.

We print our Foamex using state of the art posters and the latest in UV ink technology.  Our 3mm Foamex can be printed in any simple size up to 8 feet by 4 feet.  Get the most cost-efficient use of these boards by keeping within this goal.  Therefore, doing so will keep your costs down.

To ensure the highest quality finish, we print onto your choice of matt or glass vinyl and professionally apply to the panel.

Custom Shaped Foamex

Your marketing may call for some bespoke printing to dazzle your audience.  We offer you our Custom Shaped Foamex which is ideal for your public relations shots.

We can make use of our specialist contour cutting service to give you the shape custom to your needs.  You can mould into almost any shape you need!  WE have previously printed full size celebrity cut-outs and megaphones.  In other words, the sky is the limit for your desired shape.

In addition, we have printed custom logos, flowers and other intricate designs.  However, this service will require a bespoke quote so please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Table Board Plans

Mounted Table Plans are another Foamex option we offer.  These are printed in many sizes but most commonly at A2, A1 and A0 size.  Our table plans are extremely popular.  Therefore, they provide a whole new opportunity for presenting a seating plan to your wedding or other event guests.  They are also printed on your choice of gloss or matt vinyl and applied to a 3mm Foamex panel.  In addition to looking vibrant, they are a rigid, high quality finished product.

Custom Foamex Kaizen Print

Get in Touch

Foamex is more prevalent than you may think.  They are most commonly used in fast casual restaurants, takeaways and cafes as menu boards placed behind the counter.  They are inexpensive to produce and easy to replace.  Therefore, it is the perfect media for long-term signage.

At Kaizen Print, we have you covered for your Foamex printing needs.  We have done printing for companies in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  If you would like to discuss your ideas and needs for your business, please get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling us at 028 9002 2474.