Standing Out With Letterhead

Best letterhead practice so your business stands out

It’s an ever growing fast-paced marketplace where business is competing for the attention of potential customers.  An effective letterhead is vital to the success of your business. Introduce your organisation or stand out as an established business. A well-designed letterhead allows your organisation to stand above the competition and above all, sends a clear message of intent to your customer.  However, there are things to consider before deciding to proceed with your letterhead.

Starting out and wanting to make your business’ presence known? Professional letterheads provide businesses an effective introduction to the marketplace.  Above all, letterhead is the prime opportunity to promote themselves and their brand.  Make the contact with your customer official, adding credibility, and therefore your customers will keep returning.

Compelling letterheads are vital for your brand in leaving a lasting imprint on customers’ minds.  They are your initial form of advertising and therefore will leave a lasting and positive impression if done right.  A well designed letterhead will let your business stand out from the pack and keep you first in customers’ minds.

Improve client perception and portray a larger, more professional image for your organisation with a well-designed, high-quality letterhead.  They are the simplest means of creating brand awareness.  Take the time to think out the key messages you want to convey in your letterhead. The time and money invested in your letterhead will pay off immeasurably.

A letterhead is not only for your external communications, but can also be a powerful way to communicate internally.

Letterhead Design

The team at Kaizen are here to help you with your letterhead design.  Get in touch with our Client Services team on 028 9002 2474 who will be happy to discuss your brief and needs.  However, there are many things to consider when coming up with your letterhead.

What information are you looking to convey?  Remember this will appear on all correspondence that the letterhead appears (invoices, correspondence, etc.) and format it in a way that makes it clear to your consumer.  The team at Kaizen can help you with layout but you want the brand info to flow, with the most important information, your business or brand name, standing out and then determine the hierarchical order from there.

Legal Requirements on Your Business Letterheads

In addition, you are required by law to provide your consumer with essential information, depending on the type of business and communication.  Here’s what must be included on every letterhead according to The Companies Act (2006);

  • Your business name
  • UK Registration address of your business
  • Your registered company number
  • The address of your registered office
  • Social media handles and/or website as relevant

Keep it consistent.  Differing letterheads only lead to customer confusion.  Keep the same letterhead across all communications and keep your company’s imprint top of mind.  Not only is this a best practice, it ensures you deliver a consistent look, therefore building greater brand awareness and credibility.  Similarly, consistency should apply across all your business stationery.

Prioritise Your Letterhead Printing

Prioritise the printing of your letterhead.  As a general rule, letterheads are A4.  Kaizen Print only print letterheads on a premium 120gsm uncoated paper stock, ensuring consistency across your stationery.  In addition, your organisation will benefit from having your letterheads printed on our state of the art Xerox Digital Printers.  This ensures the speed and quality of our service.

Being a digital printer, we have some of the fastest printing lead times in Belfast, Omagh and the rest of Northern Ireland.  Letterhead printing can be completed in as little as one working day.  For a more cost effective option, we can print your letterheads in 3 working days, but please get in touch to confirm timelines with our team.

Our letterhead paper is incredibly high quality without breaking the bank.  Using state of the art Digital technology, we are able to ensure a consistently high level of digital printing, in addition to keeping the cost below average industry prices.  Our letterheads are utilised all across Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  Businesses such as solicitors, accountants, charities and schools, as well as Government offices and functions have employed Kaizen letterheads.

Make an Impact

In conclusion, let your organisation make an impact.  Give the letterhead the attention it deserves.  Be rewarded with standing out and above all, reap the consumer attention your organisation deserves.

Check out our amazing letterhead prices at or if you want a bespoke quote for your business please get in touch with our team via the contact form