Back to School – Be Top of the Class

Shelf Wobbler part of Back to School Kaizen Print

It seems early to be discussing Back to School.  Kids haven’t even finished school, let alone started their summer break.  However, now is the time businesses commence working on a robust marketing campaign.  This year’s season will be very different from the previous two years.  Now is the time to be reviewing past campaigns.  Start generating ideas and getting plans ready to execute.  Back to School is a huge season.  Your marketing vision and execution should also be huge.  Don’t be last in the class.

Back to School is For Kids… And Adults

The Back to School season isn’t just for kids.  For many adults it’s a new beginning as well.  However, this coming year will see huge demand thanks to relaxed restrictions.  Students come in all ages from primary school through university.  In addition, teachers, caregivers and support staff are some examples of adults experiencing the new beginning September offers.

If your business can cater to this massive demographic, you should at least be in your planning stage.  Brainstorming on product or service focus can help shape what you want to market and how you execute these plans.

Most Businesses Will Benefit

Typically we think of clothes and school supplies in relation to Back to School.  However, almost every business can benefit from the flurry of extra footfall.

Shops that sell the typical fare will focus on these core items with some emphasis on currently trending items.  You may not want to do a price promotion as these items will be in demand.  Ensuring these necessities are together in a clearly called out campaign will reduce customer confusion.  However, you may want to do a promotion to capitalise on the extra footfall and clear excess summer inventory.

Services will see an upswing in customers.  Barber shops and beauty salons will experience a surge in business from kids and adults who want to look perfect for the first day back.  Therefore, this is the opportunity to build more repeat and loyal customers.

Hospitality will also experience a surge in business.  This is especially so for establishments close to any educational institution.  Students, teachers and staff will be on the hunt for coffee, lunch or afternoon snacks.  Therefore, you should have your best marketing game ready to attract and keep these customers.

Plan Your Best Back to School Campaign

To start, spend sufficient time analysing hindsights from previous years’ campaigns.  They are an invaluable resource.  You should be able to gain valuable insights on methods and products that work for your customers.  Determine what you want to get out of the season and build from your learnings.

Once you have determine the what and the why, you need to determine how best to proceed.  How you present your marketing is very relevant to your campaign’s success.

Kaizen Print Options

At Kaizen Print, we have a team of expert designers and printers who can help you with your Back to School marketing materials.  Once you have determined the how you want to proceed with your plans, be sure to get in contact with us.  Here are a few options to present your business as the ideal destination for the Back to School crowds.

Shop Options

Retail shops have an endless amount of possibilities for their marketing materials.  From traditional mailers to posters of all sizes, you can call out any feature, product or promotion.  However, here are a couple of original options sure to get you noticed.

Feather Flags

Feather Flags are brilliant in grabbing attention near and far.  Make a big splash out of Back to School.  Call it out as the event it is.  In addition, feather flags work indoors and outdoors.  They have a unique shape and will turn heads.  Make your flag look good, keep the message simple and inviting, and the feet will follow.

Shelf Wobblers

You’ve managed to get customers through your doors.  Now it’s time to focus their attention on a particular product, deal or special feature.  A shelf wobbler is brilliant for attracting customers to specific products.  They are a unique marketing tool.  Therefore, in a sea of sameness, stand out with a shelf wobbler.


Everyone wants to look flawless for the first day back.  You want to make the perfect impression.  Therefore you book an appointment at a beauty salon or barber shop.

Gift Vouchers

With all of this extra business, why not try to inspire even more added business and loyal customers?  Having gift vouchers for your business available is perfect for promotion.  Customers who are impressed with your work may want to give them out as gifts to friends or loved ones. Gift vouchers are brilliant for guaranteeing an additional visit.  In addition, it’s money already in your pocket.


If you are in the hospitality sector with an educational institution in close proximity, you are guaranteed to see a surge in traffic beginning at the end of August.  Therefore, its prime time to turn this traffic into repeat loyal customers.

Restaurant Menus

Students, teachers and support staff are all starting a new year.  Therefore, your café or restaurant should follow suit.  Get a fresh start with a fresh restaurant menu.  Cafes, takeaways and restaurants can inspire return visits with a newly inspired menu design.  Having some gift vouchers available also wouldn’t hurt!

Kaizen Print Helps You Get Back to School

Now you’ve seen only a few options to bring Back to School to life.  However, there are endless possibilities to your campaign.  The team at Kaizen Print can help you be the top of the class.  We have helped businesses in Belfast, Omagh and right across Northern Ireland with all of their design and printing needs.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.