How does contravision work?

What is contravision?

Contravision is a printable self adhesive window vinyl, that allows for a clearly visible message to be seen on the outside, with the visibility from the inside remaining relatively unchanged. In other words, you can clearly see through your window from the inside, but from the outside looking in, your window looks fully branded. Contravision is the brand name for the product we use in Kaizen, however an alternative name for a different version of the product would be “One way vision” vinyl.

How does contravision work?

Contravision is comprised of a printable area of about 50% of the vinyl with the remainder being unprintable due to micro holes in the vinyl. This works perfectly as our eyes are drawn to the colour patterns over the see through areas. Our eyes piece the graphic together and make the graphic look whole. The magic of one way vision graphics is that from the other side looking out, you can see almost clearly through the window. This is because the rear of the vinyl is black and this lack of colour on the window allows the contrasting colour on the outside to be dominant.

Benefits of contravision

Benefit 1 – Privacy You’ll often hear us comment that contravision is like x-ray specs and that’s for a good reason; you can see through the window while others can’t. It’s the perfect privacy option for retail and office environments alike. Benefit 2 – Security Any vinyl on a window provides an extra layer of security to your premises. Added security to the window is the primary benefit, but keeping prying eyes away from your office or retail store aids in deterring thieves. Benefit 3 – It looks great There’s no two ways about it…..a well designed window graphic is a fantastic opportunity to create a huge impact. Online businesses would die for an offline retail window to display their services or products. Make best use of your window displays by getting a graphic designer to brand them professionally. Benefit 4 – Contravision works on vehicle windows Both cars and taxis can benefit from contravision on their windows. It’s particularly popular over solid vinyl as the “see-through” properties ensures safety when driving is a priority.