Great Design Sells, Fact!

How to choose the right graphic designer

Being in the enviable position that we have both a design studio and digital printing company here in Belfast we not only know what to look for in a graphic designer but also what questions you should ask when hiring a studio for your next project.

Here are our top 5 tips to consider when choosing a graphic designer

  1. Hire a professional – we are met daily with incorrect artwork that someones neighbour, cousin or son has completed. A professional will not only understand the complicated world of print or web design, but they are trained to get the best results from your project regardless of the aim. A great graphic designer will understand the buying process of your customers and present your artwork in the most appropriate manner.
    When vetting your graphic designer ask them not only about they type of design they follow, but how they keep up with and set trends in their own market place.
  2. Affordability is key – more expensive design studios aren’t necessarily better and a cheaper quote doesn’t always represent best value. Work with a studio that presents the most affordable option that matches your project goals.
  3. A studio must understand your business – does this studio have experience in your industry? Have they worked with similar clients? If not, can they deliver a design project at the level and with an outcome you expect? Ensure you ask about previous clients and knowledge they have of your company and industry.
  4. Team size – with one or two designers in a graphic design studio, workload can often creep up and work/clients suffer. Ensure your chosen studio has a large enough team to cope with your projects and that of their other customers.
  5. Like minded designs – it’s important to choose a studio who have worked on similar projects, projects you like or admire. By choosing a designer or studio that has already created projects your love, you have a better opportunity of getting the right type of design you want.

Choosing a graphic designer should be an exciting part of your brand development. Make sure you are confident they can provide the right level of service you expect, in a timeframe suitable to your needs and at a cost that represents great value for your business.

If you want any assistance with any of your design projects our graphic design studio – Kaizen Brand Evolution are more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide a comparative quotation.