Canvas Printing Makes for Great Gifts

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There aren’t many homes or office spaces that don’t feature at least once piece of artwork on a wall.  Paintings or framed photographs are such personal mementos, yet they speak a universal language.  For some, these pieces are part of the ambiance of a room, a visual background much like music is for some people.  However, for some a piece of art of photograph is a centrepiece.  Conversations can revolve around these pieces.  They can inspire and horrify.  Art can make you happy, sad or even mad.  All pieces will provoke a distinct personal reaction from every person that views it.  Given this weight, it’s important to give them the respect with a proper presentation.  Canvas printing is perfect for the home or office.  In addition, they are brilliant gifts for friends and family.

High-quality canvas printing is for life.  Ensure you keep this in mind when considering a canvas print.

The Perfect Addition to Any Room

Canvas prints are the perfect addition to any room at home or the office.  Canvas prints can be personalised with photos or a design that means something to you.  They are an affordable and thoughtful option that your recipient will cherish for years.

In addition, canvas prints make gorgeous gifts.  They are not only ideal Christmas gifts.  They are perfect to be gifted at almost any occasion.  Weddings, housewarmings, birthdays or graduations are just a few occasions a canvas print will make the perfect gift.

Canvas Printing at Kaizen Print

Kaizen Print can help you create a bespoke Canvas Print for your business, personal use or as a gift.  We have two finish options to choose from.  Solid wrap is available when instructed to do so. Solid wrap keeps your image entirely on the face of the canvas.  Your sides will be of a solid colour.

Our default option is the Gallery Wrap.  Gallery Wrap is the method of stretching the design around the canvas.  The design will wrap around the frame and onto the back.  Therefore, you are left with a high-quality finished look.

The canvas is printed on our 8-colour large format digital printers.  Therefore, you can be assured of bold and vibrant printing from your artwork.  From there we print onto a high quality canvas using fade-resistant inks.  This is then fitted to a range of canvas frame sizes.  You can pick your size and work with our team on your artwork.  Your canvas will be ready with a few days.

Canvas Printing Options

Canvas printing is extremely popular around the Christmas period.  They do make brilliant Christmas gifts.  In addition, it is a gift that is personal and will be cherished.  However, Canvas printing isn’t just for Christmas.  Any gifting occasion where you want the recipient to truly feel special is the right time for canvas printing.  There are a couple of canvas printing options available from the team at Kaizen Print.

Personalised Canvas

A personalised canvas is the perfect opportunity to bring your digital photos or designs into real life through a beautiful printed canvas.  They are brilliant for transforming your living room, bedroom, study or office space.  This canvas makes the ideal housewarming or graduation gift.  A personalised canvas features gallery wrapping.  Therefore, the canvas is provided with a coloured edge, giving an amazing professional finish.  Canvas is the perfect way to relive moments with photos or designs that mean something to you or your recipient.

Photo Collage Canvas Prints

Another amazing option is the Photo Collage Canvas Print.  Let our team of in-house designers bring to life many memories in one print.  Our design studio will create a bespoke print by creating a collage of all your selected photos.  This printing is guaranteed to attract attention.  Therefore, this photo collage printing is ideal for birthday, anniversary or wedding gifts.  You can use one photo anywhere up to 100 photos.  Our design team will do the best to create the perfect design to dazzle your friends and family.

Get Your Canvas Printing at Kaizen Print

When you think about it, canvas printing is truly ubiquitous.  You see examples of this printing in virtually any indoor space.  The choices available to use for canvas printing are endless.  This is what makes them so versatile and found in such an array of settings.  This is why they are suitable as gifts for many occasions.  However they’re not just for Christmas!  They will last a lifetime.  In addition, they will be cherished for just as long.

Get in touch with our team of experts at Kaizen Print.  We are your local canvas printing specialist with offices in Belfast, Omagh, Enniskillen, Dublin and Strabane among others.  We are always available to chat about your canvas printing ideas.  Get in touch by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.