Why Business Cards Are The Ultimate Marketing Tool

As a business owner it’s more than likely that you have business cards. Maybe you’re a start up and that’s your way of letting people know that you’re out there. Or perhaps you own a well established business, and the business cards you own are your old ones? Furthermore, maybe you work for a recruitment agency and your business card is your go to when meeting new employees/clients? Whoever you might be, if you’re reading this, you own some business cards. But the thing with business cards is they don’t have to be only for the start-ups or the recruitment agencies. Those who own well established businesses can still get the most out of them.

Put yourself out there

Take this scenario for example: You’re an established photographer, who has been in the business for a few years. You have your clients, but you want to start branching out. Maybe into another field of photography, or perhaps to a different area, across the border maybe? The business card you have been using is good, it’s got you clients before and tells them exactly what they need. But consider revamping your business card. Why not use some of your work, whether it’s what you currently do or new work from your new area. Business cards are some of the smaller form of advertising you can use, so use them as so. If a prospective client is given a business card with some of your work on it, they are seeing immediately what you can do. It will get them thinking immediately, instead of having you at the back of their mind and possibly only contacting you because they found your business card again.

Professionalism at it’s finest

Aside from this however, standard business cards are a great marketing tool on their own too. When a prospective client is given a business card, it immediately shows them the professionalism of your or your business. This helps to make you seem trustworthy, honest and reliable. It certainly looks a lot better than just giving someone your phone number. This can be especially true in the age we live it, when nearly everything is done through digital, where it might seem normal to tell someone about your facebook business page. While this can be good, as you can say a lot there and a lot of people have access to it, giving someone a business card might very well make you stick in their minds. It’s something different and with this you can provide them with the link to your facebook page, if that is where your information lies. But giving someone a business card can make the meeting you have had seem more personal, even if it was short or maybe an informal meeting. It helps to make that all important first impression, and in reality that’s what everyone wants.

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