Are brochures still relevant?

Brochure Printing Belfast

Are brochures still relevant?

Short Answer: Yes. 

Brochures are absolutely still relevant. While online advertising and marketing has become the number one means of communicating and connecting with audiences, businesses should be careful not to underestimate the advantages of printed brochures

Brochure Printing Belfast

Smart marketers and businesses know that brochures remain a key method of connecting with their customer base and for reaching new customers too. So in what ways are printed brochures still relevant? Here’s our run-down of the top ways that brochures can and do still make a difference. 

Brochures are…

  • A permanent reminder of you and your brand
  • A more personal means of connecting with your customers
  • Great for displaying really nice photography and content
  • Brilliant at engaging your customers
  • Great for conversion
  • Ideal if you have a lot to say
  • Cost-effective

A permanent reminder of you and your brand

Unlike digital campaigns, a brochure can remain used and relevant to your customers for a long time after it has been first printed or read. Unlike digital campaigns, customers tend to keep a hold of a printed brochure. While digital campaigns are effective over a short time period, they lose out when it comes to the longer game. 

A more personal means of connecting with your customers

Just as digital campaigns can be considered to be more disposable than a printed brochure, they can also be considered to be less personal. While online content can be personalised and targeted in a way that printed materials can’t really match, advertising like printed brochures have the advantage when it comes to providing something a little more tangible. Just like a real physical card is more personal than an e-card sent via email, so is a printed brochure. 

Great for displaying really nice photography and content

Brochure Printing Belfast

Again, while a great deal can be achieved with photography and imagery online, ultimately their remains some key differences when it comes to displaying vivid rich images in a glossy brochure or booklet, and displaying them on a screen. The quality of the print here is key as you’ll want your imagery to really shine. The fact that it has been printed is in essence the key to the value of this kind of content. It is not a series of pixels (however high resolution they may be) but a rich and vivid example of photography that can be compared to the kind you can find in books and magazines. 

Brilliant at engaging your customers

Unlike when reading articles online, readers of printed content naturally spend more time reading and focus on the content they are reading in more detail than if they were reading the same content on a screen. While online we are used to scanning information quickly, partly due to the sheer quantity of information that we are programmed to get through on a daily basis, and also due to the difficulty of spending too long concentrating on a screen versus a real physical page. Printed brochures are therefore a fantastic means of keeping your customers engaged with your content or message for a longer period of time. 

Great for conversion

Just as printed brochures are great for engaging your customers it is also fantastic at converting them. If your customers are engaged with your content and your message then they are far more likely to convert from that content and go on to buy your product or service. 

Ideal if you have a lot to say

Printed brochures are ideal if you have a lot to say, or if what you have to say is quite complex and requires a little more explanation than your normal product or service. Because printed brochures tend to be engaged with for longer periods of time and read in more detail, they give you the opportunity to really go into that extra bit of detail that isn’t necessarily possible when communicating your message online where time is limited and attention spans are short. 


Printed brochures are often considered to be more expensive than the alternative of advertising online. As content is so easily uploaded online free of charge to be found by customers, paying for this content to be displayed in a brochure can often wrongly considered to be a more expensive option. When considering whether or not to opt for printed brochures, it is worth considering the price you might pay to advertise your content online and drive visitors to your website. When compared with the costs of driving these customers to your site, printed brochures starts to look like a cost-effective option. 

At Kaizen Print we can provide you with high quality cost-effective printed brochures, and we are experts when it comes to your specific requirements and ensuring you make the impression you are after. To find out more you can visit our booklet and brochure printing page, via our contact form, or by calling 028 9002 2474.