The Best Software For Designers

Aside from Kaizen Print, we also have a team of designers that make up our other business, Kaizen Brand Evolution. It is here that we focus on getting the right design for your printed materials. But it isn’t just that, as we are often tasked with Branding, Web Design, Logo Design among others. To do all of this, it means using the right equipment, and more specifically the right software. Without this, we would be very limited in what we can do, and the impressive work that we can put out.

In this regard, we think it’s important that all designers both aspiring and experienced designers know the best software that is available to them, and also what it can help them do. Within this articles, we are going to be taking a look at some of the big players, as well as the plucky underdog who can give the, big guns a run for their money.



Illustrator is seen as the king of design software, being used by designers the world over for everything from creating vector graphics to creating full blown logos and typography. Despite the heavy price tag attached to the Adobe software, there is no denying that it is good, also providing you with ample and regular updates to it each year. With Illustrator, designers can create for any platform they need, by using the templates provided within the software, such as for Facebook or the newest generation iPad. Alternatively though, if you have specific dimensions, it is easy to resize the document that you are working from, getting it ready for whatever platform you might need.


The place to go for all your photo editing needs, Adobe Photoshop stands beside Illustrator at the top of the pecking order when it comes to software. Often working in tandem with Illustrator, as what is created there can be brought over and perfected in Photoshop. Within our studio, every one of our designers use this when it comes to creating brands, allowing them to show of what logos and marketing material could look like, with the creation of mock ups. As well as this, it is also useful for anyone that may be in the creative area of web design. With Photoshop the tools available to you allow the creation of mock up web pages, allowing you to see what they could look like before coding, and make changes wherever you need to before presenting them.


Once you have all your designing finished, it’s often time to put them in place, especially if you’re working with Print, which here at Kaizen we do every single day. Built for collaboration, meaning everyone working on the same project can see changes, and make some of their own, meaning everyone is on the same page. Simple and quick, it’s one of the best ways to get your designs from screen to print.


A relative new kid on the block, but by no means a slouch, Affinity are set on releasing software that will rival Adobe and hope to one day steal it’s crown, with one clear advantage already: One time payments


The designer software fro Affinity is basically the same as Illustrator, running more or less the same way and using more or less the same tools, except for the fraction of the price. Aside from this however, Affinity also have a workbook available for you to buy from their website, giving you help and guides on how to the use the software if it’s your first foray into the world of design.


Again for Affinity, their Photo software runs more or less the same as Photoshop, but with the advantage of only paying one lump sum. However they also claim that it runs better than Photoshop, with constant updates tweaking and fixing any bugs that might appear. As well as this however, as with their Designer software, Adobe Photoshop files can be opened in this and edited, meaning you never have to worry when someone send you a Photoshop file again.


The final piece of the puzzle it seems for Affinity, but not quite ready yet. It’s aim is to take on Adobe’s InDesign software, allowing you bring all of your designs in and make them a reality, the way you envisioned them. A public beta for the software is being rolled out by the end of August 2018, before the final software is rolled out later on.

We hope within this article we have given you some idea of what is out there when it comes to designing, and what software is going to be best for your needs. However, we understand that not everyone is a designer, and as such that is why we here at Kaizen Brand Evolution are here to help. If you need to chat about some design, give us a call on 029 9507 2007 or get us by email on our contact form.