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It’s a new year with new beginnings.  While things may seem uncertain, one thing is certain.  You will need to continue to get your brand noticed and raise awareness of your business, product or service.  One sure way to get noticed this year is an effective roller banner.  Roller banners are a staple of trade shows and exhibitions.  Roller banners are tall.  However, they are also compact and easy to transport to the next show.  Roller banners are practical and durable.  In addition, they are highly effective.

If that doesn’t have you convinced, Kaizen Print has added a little incentive.  On now and for a limited time only, our Premium Roller Banners are only £45 + VAT.  In other words, our roller banners are half the price!  It’s our famous sale so act now to take your marketing to the next level.

Roller Banner Tips to Consider

Roller banners also go by some other names.  Roll-up banners, pull-up banners, banner displays and retractable banner stands are some common aliases.  No matter what you call them; roller banners are vital in generating brand awareness.  Here are some tips to consider before rolling with your roller banner design.

Make Your Roller Banner Design Stand Out

You don’t want to create a banner that sinks you into obscurity.  Trade shows and exhibitions are packed places.  There are lots of eyes and just as many attempts to attract the attention of those eyes.  Therefore, ensure your banner design stands out.  Do not go with the ordinary.  Colour that pops is generally one sure way to catch a wandering eye.

Quality of print is an important factor in catching potential customers’ attention.  Nobody feels compelled to visit an establishment adorned with tattered marketing materials.  The same goes with you and your roller banner design.  Make sure it looks fresh and vibrant.  Otherwise, the eyes will pass you by.

Use Concise & Relevant Messaging

While roller banners are quite large, refrain from writing a book on them.  Keep any messaging concise on your banner.  In addition, incorporate as many enticing words as possible.  Power words will stand out and immediate grab attention and draw a crowd.  A strong call to action will have your audience complying.

So be unique and be quirky, yet direct with your messaging.  However, remain true to your brand identity.  There is little point in misrepresenting your brand only to lose a customer in the end.

Fonts & Effects

You want your messaging to be clear.  Use and easy to read font.  Don’t be using an obscure font only to confuse the recipient.  Messaging is important, but just as important is the ease in which that message is encouraged to be read.

Any shapes or effects should complement your message and your brand.  In other words, do not overwhelm your banner with any imagery or effect that distract from your message.  You want your roller banner to encourage action, not dissuade it.

Plan out Your Exhibition or Trade Show Experience

One important aspect often overlooked is the planning of your Exhibition or Trade show space.  Don’t be caught off guard with too much unused space.  Plan your roller banner and your entire presence so you can plan accordingly by what you require to ensure your presence is a success for the brand.

Don’t Worry About Extra Hands

At Kaizen Print, our roller banners are portable and lightweight.  In addition, they are easy to use.  They take no time or extra hands to set up or dismantle.  The materials used in our banners offer high-tear resistance and don’t easily damage.  Therefore, you simply need to roll your banner and let it do its work.

Half Price Premium Banners

Who doesn’t love a sale?  Let Kaizen Print make it that much easier and cost-effective to bring your best marketing game at exhibitions and trade shows this year.  Rather than fade into the crowd, stand out and dazzle with a high quality Premium Roller Banner.  Right now, these banners are on offer for £45 + VAT, for a limited time only.  In other words, act now for cost-effective, high-quality messaging.

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We have produced roller banners for over 10 years for businesses in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  Take advantage of our big roller banner event before it is gone.

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