7 Business Christmas Cards Hacks to Get More Sales in 2022

The humble Business Christmas Card is often considered and afterthought or an empty gesture. However if you fall into this mindset then chances are you are missing out on significant way to promote customer loyalty and strengthen your business relationships. In fact sending a Holiday card is one to the top ways to boost sales and help your business start the New Year on the right foot.

As 2021 draws to an end, this is a great time to show your customers and staff just how much you appreciate them and a festive Business Christmas Card is a incredibly cost effective way to achieve this. Printed and posted Christmas Cards give you the best chance of getting noticed by your recipients and with a little thought (and a great design) they don’t have to be stuffy.

Not sure where to start? We have you covered with our top 7 Business Christmas Cards Hacks to get you more sales in 2022!

1. Brand it!

If you’re taking them time to thank your customers(or staff) with a Christmas Card, make sure they know who it’s from.

Sending out a card is an excellent opportunity to connect with your clients and re-engage with lapsed customers so be sure to add your brand in the design. There are lots of ways to do this either by making your brand colours prominent, tailoring your written greeting or including your brand logo. The key is to make it evident who you are but not too sales-y.

2. Mirror your brand values with your stationery choice

Choose a card design and stationery that reflects your company’s values and brand image.

For example, if your company is known for environmental sustainability, then choose a card with recycled card stock and forgo the festive glitter. Or if your company offers high end products and services, then a luxe card stock and classic foil accents would be a perfect choice to deliver that luxurious brand feel.

3. Choose a card design that combines professionalism and festive cheer.

Whatever your business type, Christmas is the best time to have a little fun with a creative design that reflects your industry and business style.

If in doubt a great Christmas quote or festive scene is a safe bet. However if you want to make it a little more personal you could try a memorable pun that is related to your business.

If you’re a florist, your card could read ‘Thanks a bunch for a fab year!’ It’s fun and playful, but will certainly draw a smile from the recipient.

4. Take an Staff Photo

If your company is known for your skilled and fabulous team, then think about taking a fun office photo that captures your company culture and celebrates your team.

Make it festive and thrown on your Christmas jumpers or gather around the tree and raise a toast and show your customers that you value your staff and have fun working together.

Sharing the faces behind the work adds personality and increases your likeability because it will instantly humanise your company and is a great way to connect with your customers.


5. Craft a personal message

Craft a message that is warm and inclusive and be mindful of your recipients’ diversity.

As a rule if you are unsure of appropriateness when it comes to religious greetings then it is wise to stay neutral rather than risk offense.

Remember this is a top opportunity to express your appreciation to your clients for their support and business over what’s been an especially challenging year. Your goal is to strengthen your relationships so be careful that the card’s message does not come across as too sales-y. Instead keep it short and sweet but long enough to get your point across.

If time allows, add a personal touch to the inside of each card by hand signing your name, adding a personal note, or writing the salutation.

6. Start Early

Before you know it the holiday rush sets in and you find yourself snowed under with a million end of year tasks, so save yourself the stress and get started early.

Here at Kaizen we have a wide range of Christmas 2022 design ideas prepared and now is a perfect time time to start planning your Christmas Card order.

Allowing yourself a little breathing room, means you can spend time getting the design right for your needs and set your mailing list in order, so there are no problems as Christmas draws near.

An annual check to confirm, update, and delete contact information is time well spent to save costs from undeliverable mail and sets the right impression with your clients.

Aim to get your cards in the post by the first week of December to establish a great brand reputation, encourage referrals and draw new customers in.

7. Throw in a Gift

As an extra thank you, consider spreading the cheer with a little freebie such as a discount code, a gift voucher or exclusive offer. Not only is this a great wto show your appreciation, it gives your clients that all important incentive to come back to you in the New Year.

Small gestures can make a great impact with your clients and help set you apart from the competition.

We hope these 7 Business Christmas Cards Hacks to get you more sales in 2022, have got you in the festive spirit!
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