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Magnetic Signage Printing | Kaizen Print

Does your business spend a lot of the time on the road? Then it’s time to talk Magnetic Signage Printing. Customisable, durable and cost-effective, Magnetic Signage tops the ROI charts by delivering series marketing punch without ever threatening to break the bank.

Lets take a look at the top ways your business can benefit from Magnetic Signage.

What is Magnetic Signage?

Magnetic signs are a hugely popular way to brand your vehicle with affordable custom advertising.

As a business owner, it doesn’t always make sense to have your entire vehicle branded all the time. Magnetic signs are great in this instance as they are fully adjustable and removeable, to use as and when required.

The second big advantage is Magnetic Signage Printing is incredibly cost effective when compared to other vehicle branding options. If you are a small business owner or new start-up, Magnetic Signage is perfect to deliver a professional look and get your brand visible without major investment.

At Kaizen our Magnetic Signage is fully customisable to your vehicle size and shape and we print our signs using only highest quality vinyl and magnetic backing. As a result, this product will last 2-3 years before needing to be replaced!

Here’s how magnetic signage printing can help improve awareness of your brand.

Magnetic Signage Printing | Kaizen Print

Magnetic Signage ads are mobile

Magnetic Signage is essentially a billboard for your vehicle. If your work requires driving to your office, further afield or requires deliveries then you can reap the rewards of mobile advertising without saying a word.

Where your vehicle goes so does your branding, making it a great way to get your message out across the area you serve. A mobile advert for your brand, magnetic signage reaches new potential customers every day!

Magnetic Ads are removeable

Conversely Magnetic ads can be easily removed within seconds when you don’t want to be seen!

This is especially important if you store goods or equipment in your car or van and worry about theft. Many of our customers who love this product include electricians and plumbers whose business is high risk for burglary. The ability to remove your signage damage free, allows your vehicle to become anonymous once again, therefore reducing the theft risk.

Vehicle signage does not sleep 

Great advertising solutions are those that keep working even when you rest and that is exactly what magnetic signage delivers.

Whether you drive a company vehicle or your own personal car, van or truck. Magnetic signage keeps on working as you drop your kids off at school, or when you hit the road to visit clients. With a huge number of eyes on the roads at any given moment, your message be there to working for you even when you are not.

Magnetic Signage is easy to personalise with your branding

No matter what your business is, or what you sell, your magnetic signage can communicate your message in all manner of different ways.

You can simply replicate your business logo, or customise your messaging to speak directly to your target audience.

Got a floral delivery service? Why not transform the letters in your brand name to look like flowers? Provide a car rental service? Make sure passers-by know by telling them to “Rent this car” in big bold lettering. Provide a dog-grooming service? Put your pooches front and centre on your vehicle. The options are endless.

Magnetic Signs are durable and long lasting 

If you have used car stickers in the past, you’ll notice that they wear and tear quite easily and quickly. Magnet signage is much more durable and will last longer. They also don’t require lots of maintenance, which not only helps keep costs low but allows you to focus on more important business needs.

Magnetic Advertising cuts through the noise

In an ever more competitive world, it is tougher than ever to cut through all of the noise and build a memorable brand.

Think about the different signs you’ve seen on vehicles and how they catch your attention. Magnetic signage is a smart way stand out from the rest of your competitors because print advertising is trustworthy.

When customers consistently see your branded vehicle in their local area this effectively builds your brand authenticity and awareness.

Is Magnetic Signage Printing worthwhile?

It certainly is!  At Kaizen Print our best selling magnetic signage is helping businesses across the UK grow and thrive. If you need help with designing your magnetic signage, we have a full team of designers who can help with this. To find out more you call us on 028 9002 2474 or get in touch via [email protected]