Our Ultimate Guide to Printing your 2022 Calendar

Ready to start printing your 2022 Calendar?

Whether you considering brand boosting gifts for your customers or a thoughtful present for friends and family, we’ve got the guide you need to get it right every time.

Why create a 2022 Calendar?

Calendars are one top gift everyone can use.

There’ no question smart technology has moved much of our task management to online or phone apps. The fact however remains that nothing beats putting pen to paper and using a physical printed calendar to visualise your plans and goals.

Here at Kaizen we have a whole range of fully customisable formats available. By printing your 2022 Calendar you can create something beautiful and truly useful. So let’s take a closer look and explore the best options for your needs.

Desktop Flip Calendar Printing

Whether you work from home or in the office, no workspace is complete without a Desktop Flip Calendar.

Our top selling, month-to-month-view format is perfect to pop on your desk and keep your month’s plans within easy eyesight. You can even fully customise the design to include a To-do list, a habit tracker or even a motivational message.

Fully branded your Desktop Calendar becomes an incredibly proactive marketing tool, perfect to gift to customers.

Branded desktop calendars keep your business front of mind all year round and are a great way to encourage repeat business with your clients or even to reconnect with a lapsed customer and remind them who you are.

Think of them as a mini brand ambassador, talking to your customers and potential clients on a daily basis even when you can’t.

Printed on beautiful high-quality 350gsm silk card  and wire bound our Desktop Calendars are tough and durable no matter what your workload throws at them.

Table Tent Calendar Printing

Table Tent Calendars are another desktop calendar option that make excellent business gifts.

Typically printed in ‘year view’ on one side or divided across two sides of the tent form. The table tent is a simple and compact yet highly cost effective calendar that packs real promotional punch when branded.

Our Table Tent Calendars are printed in the highest quality 280gsm silk card in A4 size, to ensure they look great and stand the test of time.

Wall Calendar Printing

A beautiful Wall Calendar is an ideal Christmas time gift for both clients and loved ones and can be personalised to your needs.

For businesses this is top opportunity to put your brand in front of clients so be sure to use your brand colours and logo. You can even think about using photographs or messaging that reflects your business values and strengths.

As a family gift this is a great way to share cherished family photographs or children’s artwork. You can even include important dates such as public holidays, birthdays and school terms to help keep everyone on track.

We offer 3 main sizes of a wall calendar, A3, A4 and Thin (1/2 A3 portrait), all of which provide ample opportunity for branding positioning and marketing.

Our Wall Calendars are printed on high-quality170gsm paper and backed with 350gsm card, meaning they will still look as good in December as they did in January.

A2 / A1 Year Planner Printing

Perfect for busy offices our A2 and A1 Year Planners are designed to be highly practical and beautiful to use.

Featuring large text boxes with space for writing notes and scheduling dates. We can even reverse print them  to include any key info your clients may find useful such as price lists.

A2 Desk Pad Printing

For those times that you need just a little more space to explore an idea, sketch a concept or develop a process, our A2 Desk Pads are a great option

Sold in packs of 50 sheets, Desk Pads help you get more use from your desk space and are an excellent tool for project brainstorming and planning.

With our low minimum order quantities you can easily change the information on your pads to best suit your needs.

Feeling inspired? Contact us here at Kaizen Print to get started on printing your beautiful 2022 calendar design.