Why should you use Roll Up Banners?

As we enter into the beginning of the New Year, a lot of you out there will be planning the next few months for your business, such as what events you want to hold, what ones you are planning on attending or perhaps what expos and conferences you are planning on attending. With that in mind, it is important that you have all of the proper equipment with you when attending them, like your business cards, brochures and flyers. However, one such product that is very important in these situations is that of Roll Up Banners.

These are long banners, usually in size 850mm x 2000mm, that attach to a metal stand. They can then be pulled up, before being secured,meaning whatever you have on them is displayed clearly for everyone to see. You will see them at expos all across the world and with good reason too. They are a brilliant piece of marketing material, and within this blog, we are going to list just a few reasons as to why.

Brand Promotion

With Roll Up Banners, you are getting a good amount of real estate where you can show of your business or brand. This is essential when you are at something like an expo or trade show, as you know there are going to be loads of other people there, with some selling similar products to you. So it is important that yours is noticeable and says what you want it to say, without putting too much on there and deterring people away from actually wanting to read it. For potential customers and clients, it will be a snapshot into your brand, so make sure to use them to your advantage. Put the basic (but important information) about your brand on there, so they are intrigued to come over and see you. From there, this is where you can tell them all of the rest of the information and about the product that you are selling.

Quick and easy to assemble

One of the many great things about Roll Up Banners is how quick and easy they are to assemble, and all of this is because they aren’t made up of that many parts. Here at Kaizen Print, ours take only 30 seconds to assemble (and if you get a bit lost, we have a handy video showing you exactly what to do) Simply take the main piece out of the carry bag and attach it to the stand with the pole provided. Then all you have to do is pull the Roller Banner up until it is at its desired height and attach the top to the other end of the pole. Easy peasy. With this quick and easy assembly and disassembly, it makes them the perfect bit of marketing material to have when travelling around a lot.  As well as this, however, if you happen to have them stationed outside somewhere, they are quick and easy to take down if some bad weather should roll in, meaning they won’t get damaged.


Roller Banners are great at withstanding a bit of a beating, whether it is from the outside elements or a packed our expo/trade show. The banners themselves are made from only the highest quality, strong vinyl which means they are quite safe from tears and rips. The base itself is also on the strong side, as it is made entirely of aluminium, meaning it can also take a bit of a beating if it has to.

After reading this, why not check out what we have to offer on Roller Banners? We bet you’ll find something you like! Give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us via our contact form today, to discuss your next printing project.