Different types of poster printing

Poster printing has been and still is a staple of marketing since the very beginning. Whether it was a case of drawing and making your own in your bedroom for show and tell in school, or getting them professionally printed to advertise the latest and greatest bar/club around Belfast, posters have been through it all.

In that sense, it is important that when selling posters as part of your product list, you have more than one type going, so as you can help any and all customers instead of limiting yourself. Here at kaizenprint.co.uk we do just that, and within this article we are going to take a look at just what those types of posters are and how they can work for you and your business.

Poster Printing Gallery

Small Format – A3 and A4

To begin with, poster printing is one of our most popular products here at Kaizen Print, in our small format set of posters. These posters come in A3 and A4 sizings and are great for any marketing you may need, as they look great placed anywhere due to the quality with which we print them. As well as this however, we are also happy to provide you with an express printing service for these posters. This is perfect for those jobs that came up at the last minute and you need quick. We can offer you express 1 day turnaround on quantities all the way up to 1000 posters, ensuring that you are never stuck.

Large Format – A2, A1, A0 and 1200 x 1800mm

We print posters of every size here at Kaizen Print and next up is our large format poster printing. These come in sizes including: A2, A1, A0 & 1200 x 1800mm, meaning again you’ll never be stuck when it comes to your marketing material and getting your brand out there, without costing you an arm and a leg!. Our large format posters are printed on 170gsm matt coated poster paper so you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best quality, and with a 1 day turnaround also available, you’ll have them in a flash!

Fabric Posters

A lot of the time when we are printing posters for our customers and clients, they are transporting them all across the world to conferences, exhibitions and far off presentations. These customers need posters that are going to last the journey, and look just as good when they take them out of their packaging as when they were put into it. That’s why we are happy to be able to offer you our Fabric Poster printing service. Fabric Posters are durable, meaning they can be folded or creased during their transport and won’t tear, and when they are taken out, they are immediately ready to use. Standard turnaround for these posters is 3 days, however if you need them quick, a 1 day turnaround is available

Waterproof Posters

Last but certainly not least is our waterproof posters. Printed onto 300 micron Polypropylene Film, these posters are perfect for any outdoor marketing you may require, especially when living in Northern Ireland! Put these posters in wind masters, outside clip frames or A boards and they will look great while being protected from the elements.

We hope that by reading this you have a greater idea of the type of posters that we have available for printing here at kaizenprint.co.uk. If you are ever in need of posters, please do not hesitate to get in touch, as we are always more than happy to help. Either give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us by email via our contact form.