Top Tips for Designing Your Desk Pads

The best part about desk pads is everything. They are so convenient and practical. They are just sitting there, begging to be used. Write phone numbers or jot down all those brilliant ideas you have. 

No scrambling around looking for a notepad, it’s all there, all the time. If you are going to have it sitting there, you really should decorate it, besides all your amazing doodles, that is. 

Why not get your brand on there, but you can do so much more. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Might seem obvious, but it’s a great idea. Make the squares large so you can keep track of everything you need to know. You can make them monthly or weekly, for those who can seem to find enough hours in the day.

Have them divided up into hour slots, or just an empty square for each day to jot down meetings, times and other important dates, like lunch and golf.


Your company logo, colours or motto can be placed across the top, in the corner, in all the corners, if that’s what you like. Even if you are the only one who uses it, it’s still nice.

It adds a nice touch to your office and makes it look professional. It’s not a bad idea to get everyone a desk pad with the company logo. Makes a great stocking stuffer. 

Let’s Get Personal

From The Desk of You! Even if you just use it to sketch ponies while in a meeting, they will be your ponies! It’s particularly nice if you use the desk pad to write things down that you give to other people. Takes the guesswork out of who gave it to them.

Perhaps you were recently promoted. You need to get the new title on everything! Show it off all the way across the top of your desk pads. You have it everywhere else, so it just stands to reason you’d want it there, too. Looks great. 

Company Fun

Why not get some great graphics on there? If you run a florist, have some flowers or leaves on it for decoration and fun. Maybe you work at a car dealership. You could have wheels, pictures of cars or graphics of fuzzy dice as trim all the way around the border. Fun!

Worker’s Little Helper

If you are always having to look up prices, serial numbers, phone numbers, addresses, have them printed right on the pad. Maybe it’s just your time’s tables you have trouble with, or the company extension phone numbers. 

Get the pad lined, if you are the type of person who likes things all neat and tidy. That way you can find everything much easier. You could have the page divided up, for incoming and outgoing, to help you stay focused.

Colour and More!

Perhaps some colour coding on the page will be more helpful. Divide the pad into sections you need and use each colour for each entry. It’s the perfect way to keep everything organised and separated on the same page. 

You can have a calendar on one side of the pad and space for notes on the other. Or your list of prices or new product. It’s entirely up to you, and your possibilities are endless. 

No one knows better what will work best for you, so why not contact our experts here today and put together your perfect desk pad. It doesn’t have to be boring. It should be functional and fun!