Spring Marketing – Time for a Refresh

Spring Marketing Outdoor Waterproof Posters, Kaizen Print

Spring is just around the corner.  Fresh blooms drive out the winter blues.  While some businesses have prepared and already planned their marketing to turn over with the new season, it isn’t too late if you haven’t got your spring marketing materials finalised yet.  The folks at Kaizen Print have you covered with a quick turnaround on high-quality and affordable printing.  Don’t get left behind, spring forward with a fresh spring marketing campaign.

Spring 2022 is going to shape up to be one very different spring.  Pandemic restrictions and mandates have been lifted and everybody wants to get outdoors and soak in the spring air.  In addition, marketing materials should be updated for the new season and breathe their own fresh air.  A regular turn on marketing materials keeps your brand presence fresh and top of mind.

However, there is also the added daylight to take advantage of.  So much winter marketing is created with the indoors in mind.  Spring offers you the opportunity of additional spaces to advertise.  You can take your message outdoors, along with everyone else who wants to move on from the winter hibernation.

Some Spring Marketing Options

Let’s look at some spring marketing options that are sure to get your brand, product or service noticed.

Leaflets & Flyers

Sure leaflets and flyers are all season, but why not take advantage of all the extra foot-fall outside with a compelling flyer campaign?  Flyer printing may be taken for granted by businesses, but it is one of the best ways to reach a large array of customers and quickly engage them.  Handing a leaflet or flyer to a potential customer is your attempt to an actual connection.  If done right, this can leave a long lasting impression.

You want to ensure your flyer or leaflet resonates.  Use vibrant colours to captivate an audience.  A strong and clear call to actions also leaves a lasting impression.  Keep the messaging concise.  Your leaflet or flyer is to draw in potential customers.  Therefore, leave the big talk until they get in through your door.  Lure them in with the essentials.  Pique their curiosity even with some clever messaging.

Large Posters

Spring is the time to launch new products or renew attention to already existing services.  Make a big impression with a large poster.  If you have a shop with window frontage looking on to the street, a large poster will be just the ticket to grab the attention of the foot-fall.

Posters can come in all shapes and sizes.  However, the most commonly printed sizes are:

  • A0 Poster – 1189mm x 841mm
  • A1 Poster – 841mm x 594mm
  • A2 Poster – 594mm x 420mm

To ensure your messaging doesn’t fade away in the face of the sun, ensure your posters are printed with UV inks.  Unlike dye inks, UV inks won’t lose their vibrancy with repeated sun exposure.  However, if you want your poster to do the work outside, you may want to go with something a little different.

Waterproof Posters

What is that saying again?  April showers bring May flowers?  However this may be true, don’t let our weather get in the way of your marketing message.  Waterproof poster printing is perfect when your posters are likely to get wet which is a Spring guarantee.  However, these posters are printed directly on a polypropylene film, therefore making them tough, durable and ready to take on the elements.  In addition, these waterproof posters are cheaper than laminating standard posters.

Plotted Stickers

Doing something different helps to stand out from the crowd, especially for businesses.  Custom plotted stickers are your chance to let the imagination go wild.  For plotted stickers, sticking to the norm is frowned upon and is almost guaranteed to land your sticker in the bin.

Sticker design should be vibrant and catchy.  The more intriguing and interesting the sticker design, the greater its life span will be.  However, whatever the design, make sure the sticker concept can be linked back to your brand or it was all for naught!

Spring Marketing at Kaizen Print

That was just a few of the options available to you from Kaizen Print.  It’s not too late to execute your spring marketing plans and ideas if you haven’t started already.  Kaizen Print offers you a quick turnaround so you are ready to make the most of the season.  In addition, we offer you high-quality printing at an affordable price.  We’ve been helping businesses stand out from their competition for over ten years.  Whether you are in Belfast, Omagh, Enniskillen or anywhere else throughout Northern Ireland, our team of design and printing experts are ready to take your business to the next level.  Get in touch by email via our contact form of by calling 028 9002 2474.