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We are living in an era where the phone rules our lives.  As technology continually evolves, we grow increasingly reliant on our devices.  In other words, we would be absolutely lost and unable to cope without our phones.  We want information immediately and with little effort.  In addition, businesses are looking to satisfy that need for instant gratification in order to convert.  Increasingly, the QR code has become prevalent in marketing messages and our daily lives.  QR codes are simple to use and anyone with a smartphone can access them, which makes their use more compelling.

The QR stands for Quick Response.  The QR code is an updated version of the barcode.  Barcodes have been the standard in supermarkets and retail supply chains for decades.  However, their days may be numbered.  The growing proliferation and ease of QR code use may see these businesses evolving and updating their supply chain process.

How QR Codes Work

The QR code works on the same premise as the barcode, albeit those of us with smartphones can access.  Your smartphone camera scans the code.  If you are an Apple user, Apple built a QR code reader right into the camera of their iPhones and iPads.  In addition, most Android phones have a QR code reader built into their camera.  However, you can download the Google lens app in the case your phone camera can’t read these codes.

A link will pop up once the code has been scanned and translated.  This can be instant or take a few seconds.  However, once that link is accessed you are delivered to relevant information.  It could be in the form of a PDF file, pub or restaurant menu, schedule or payment portal.

QR code use really accelerated with the pandemic.  Businesses of all sizes were looking to offer a safe and touch-free experience for their customers.  The use of cash and non-tap credit cards plummeted.  Touch-free payments and exchanges became the preferred way to do business.  In addition, restaurants had to change.  Physical menus that weren’t disposable after one use were no longer considered safe.  Therefore, digital menus, or QR codes scanned to deliver a digital menu has increasingly become the norm.

Business Benefits of QR Codes

The options for QR code use within businesses and organisations are endless.  They offer many benefits giving a compelling case to incorporate these codes into your marketing campaigns.

QR Codes Can Be Customised

The old and trusted barcode was always black and white.  QR codes are not constrained to such limitations.  Your business can design and customise your QR code based on your specific requirements.  Colour options are available, enabling you to align the code to your brand or campaign colouring.  In addition, your business logo can be incorporated into the QR code design.

QR Codes Will Track Performance

Tracking your marketing efforts on any campaign is an incredibly valuable resource.  Tracking performance metrics can help you understand where to focus your marketing spend and resources.  Using QR codes on varying marketing materials will allow you to measure performance.  You can rank each marketing tool in effectiveness and optimise your future marketing campaigns.

QR Codes are Cost-Effective

The cost of running traditional marketing campaigns in the old days was expensive.  There was no way of measuring what channels were resonating with customers.  It was assumed each bit of marketing did the job.  However, QR codes have changed the game.  They are extremely easy to create and to incorporate into traditional print campaigns.  Therefore, they are cost effective.  In addition, their ability to deliver performance results means continued cost savings for your business by focussing spend on performing channels.

Some Business Uses for QR Codes

QR codes provide businesses with a variety of opportunities.  Businesses have seconds, not minutes or days, to convert customers or just to even get them through the proverbial door.  Here are a few business uses for QR codes;

Drive Website Traffic

QR codes can be scanned to lead to a particular web page.  This could be to enter a contest, a sign-up page or to share promotional information.  Rather than have potential customers type out your domain, potentially losing them, a QR code will provide quick access to your web presence.

Provide Contact Information

You can include on your business card or at a trade show or exhibition booth.  Scanning the QR code can provide business details including contact information.  In addition, you may enable the code to directly dial the phone number in some instances.  Talk about providing a direct line to your customers!

SMS Marketing

Reap the benefits of making SMS registration easy and fast.  Use your QR code to have customers opt into your marketing.  Simplifying any process for the customer will lead to greater engagement.

Download Apps

Promote app downloads with your QR code.  Save customers from having to search through app stores with quick and easy app access.  In addition, apps themselves have utilised QR codes to foster engagement within the app community.

Promote Social Media Presence

QR codes can be used to drive customers to your social media channels.  In addition, you can incentivise this action by offering a free gift or discount to customers hat go this route.

QR Codes at Kaizen Print

These are just some of the options and benefits to your business by using QR codes with traditional print options.  At Kaizen Print we have been using QR codes for some time.  Therefore, we know how to develop them, print them and incorporate into various print marketing materials.

We have been helping businesses outsmart their competition for over ten years now.  We have provided solutions for businesses in Belfast, Omagh and throughout Northern Ireland.  If you would like to discuss how a QR cod could work for your business, get in touch with our team of experts.  Contact us by email via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.